Wuss Horse Proves Himself to the Universe

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    I came to the barn the other day to see that the farrier had my old (RIP) horse's halter on Wuss Horse. I had to laugh as that halter practically drooped over his muzzle, but there it was. Ben's old halter.

    I have in the past told Wuss Horse that he can't wear that halter until he proves his worthiness. Ben gave me 22 years of happiness in which he rarely put a foot wrong, and never did anything mean.

    Wuss Horse proceeded to dance all over the stall and be a jerk for the farrier for the first time in his life. I guess the responsibility of wearing that halter was too much, LOL.

    But I think he'll grow into it....

    "Alright smart <expletive>, that's enough of wearing that halter for today."


    "I said hand it over. You were a jerk for the farrier."

    "NO I wasn't."

    "YES YOU WERE. You snatched that back foot away several times. We don't like that sort of behavior in our town."

    "Meh...he was trying to make me stand still."

    "Well that IS the whole point of getting your feet done, you know!"


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