Working student opportunities? Advice? (dressage)

Discussion in 'Horse Training' started by ottb742, Dec 30, 2017.

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    There are plenty of those. It's a business.
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    My trainer ended her working student program because the working students were not ready to work. Part of their pay was a lesson every day (weather permitting) which is a lot. She's expensive. She found that after a week they whined about their back hurting, were "sick" and just generally were not tough or motivated enough to do the "working" part of being a working student. It's more than brushing and tacking for lessons, much much more. Just be aware of that, working students work, long and hard to earn their keep, pay, lessons and board. I was one and loved it, but it was hard.
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    The OP says she's been a working student for 3 years now so I'm guessing she knows what she's in for in terms of the workload.

    OP, are there any trainers out there that you admire? I would advise researching the bejeezus out of those trainers. Facebook can be a wonderful tool. Join a bunch of dressage club groups and post ads in them with photos and videos of you riding. See what response you get. Then do thorough background checks of the trainers who reply to your ad. Use Facebook to contact former riders who no longer work for them and ask why they left. It can be very enlightening to speak to former employees, and if there are issues to be aware of you're better off going into it with your eyes wide open. I'm not based in the US so unfortunately my recommendations will be useless to you, but best of luck!

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