What OLD people know about Horses and how they know it.

Discussion in 'Horse Chat' started by manesntails, Dec 2, 2017.

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    I never said the dog can't get up, I said it couldn't get down stairs without help. An animal that can't move has obviously reached the point past what is humane. Clearly the goal is to save animals pain but my point was simply that I think too many people shy away at any pain whatsoever. Pain is not the sole qualifier for determining a living creature's quality of life, which is what Dona's quote from her vet was saying. :tiphat:
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    I wasn't referring to your animal. I disagreed with you before you talked about YOUR dog.
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    I still think a lot of people drag their animals´ suffering on too long.
    I think it is pretty easy to tell yourself (general you) that it "isn´t so bad yet" and a lot of vets aren´t exactly advocating for the animal in question.
    Having seen this decision dragged on too long with all three of our family dogs, I am firmly in the camp of "better a bit too soon than a minute too late".
    I do agree though that arthritis in itself is not a life ending condition. It all depends on how bad it is....
    And with horses who suffer their pain in "stoic" silence, it can be easy to overlook suffering or misinterpret it as "simple" discomfort.
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    As a person who has given a lethal injection many times for varies reasons I can see into this window better than some. Yes it is very hard to know when that point of suffering is too much. In the shelter sometimes we had to do it too soon. Sometimes we had to do it because this world is cruel and drives an animal insane. Sometimes it was because the alternative might be a tortured life on the streets or as a feral animal. Again too sometimes it was just because there were more pets than homes. That is the one that breaks your heart and gives you nightmares.

    I grew up around farm animals and a slew of pets. I agree a natural dignified death is best. My Dad and his long time dog Lefty both had this. On the other hand if any of my sisters due to a genetic condition has a series of debilitating strokes, as one of our relatives did, I will be watching for quality of life and will advocate for a pain free death. I feel we aided our dog Hannah's exit at the right time when she experience 60% liver failure. When I entered college my Dad and I let our childhood pony live too long. He died naturally, but it was a tortures process. We thought we were doing best and were working with our vet. So there is a right point, but finding it is not easy and maybe no one but the loved one knows what it is.
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    Well, I'm not old but I do have some experience.

    I can't really think of anything I automatically know about equines though because as soon as I think I have something figured out, the exception to the rule comes along!

    Old horses are not automatically kid safe, young ones are not automatically experienced riders only. That is a general rule but I have seen many exceptions on both ends of it.

    Old horse people are NOT cranky know-it-alls. We are cranky Know-a-lots!

    Wait, I am not old.
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    Pain doesn't necessarily mean you can't ride. We tend to think of our horse being stiff or sore as being unable to work. Well, I'm stiff and sore every morning! Motion is lotion. If it's not an actual injury but is just joint stiffness, light arthritis or just being still for too long, your horse can work through it - just like I do - and will feel better for the movement.
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