What do you let your horse get away with?

Discussion in 'Horse Chat' started by RelaxMax, Apr 6, 2017.

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    I don't allow head rubbing. A friend's horse does it and I find it painful and uncomfortable and I'm also super clumsy so I would probably just get hurt. My mare is the only one who would be overly interested if I did allow it anyway, after a ride. She doesn't like her head touched any other time, but once it is sweaty from a ride she likes a face scratch. My rule is once the bridle is off I will scratch her face and she can rub her face on my hands where she is itchy. This lasts about 30 seconds then she is back to not caring for her face being touched. I feel like if I allowed head rubbing she would go for longer, but it's not happening!

    I do let old man Josh get away with fiddling with his lips a bit more. The others aren't allowed to.

    King doesn't really try anything to get away with, he is a gentleman. Although he doesn't have the best hips so when I'm cleaning his back hoofs if he pulls or fidgets gently I'll put the leg down and let him readjust. If he pulls hard I'm not so happy with him, but he is usually pretty good and I have learnt where to hold the leg that seems to keep him comfy.

    Odin isn't allowed anything. He takes advantage of any little thing. I've seen others let him get mouthy becasue it's cute, and then the teeth come out pretty quick. So I don't let him get away with anything and we don't let people handle him who will to be safe.
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    Not really let them get away with anything. No rubbing, lipping, licking, pushing etc. I sure don't get nuts though. Letting them rub on you is asking to get clocked accidentally, it isn't fun and if it happens to you..you'll know why you don't allow that. You can get your darn nose broken by an accidental head toss.

    I don't mind occasionally letting them graze while bridled but that's when I allow it, otherwise it's verboten.

    You gotta watch what you allow, it's just in the nature of the horse to always go a little bit further and challenge. Don't ever spoil them. It does them no favours.
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    My youngster when bridling turns her head towards your chest and "snuggles" for a minute before she lets you put the bridle on. It's so cute I always give in and give her some kisses before getting ready to go.
    My old guy is also very social to me so he constantly nickers when he sees me even if he knows I have nothing for him. It's such a low nice nicker I've always let him do it. He's also the only one I let come into my space without being allowed, he'll come up behind you and put his head on your shoulder. I will also let him graze with a bit in if I'm waiting for a friend to catch up or do something on a trail ride, if I pick up the reins though he knows that its time to go.
    Other than that they are not allowed to get away with anything.
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    My mare is a super good girl apart from having her girth done she bits her own chest or bites the air in front of her never ever anyone doing the girth. That's from being girthed in a fast and nasty Argentinian polo manner for many years. If I take my time she is ok, she doesn't do it when your on her only when your doing girth from the ground. Apart from that she's pretty much good to go. She doesn't get in my space, she doesn't paw, doesn't get fidgety even when she's on cross ties for and hour or 2 when I give her spa day. She is a dream to lead doesn't get pushy nothing that I would need to correct. She was very much rough housed as a polo pony so she needs a gentle hand but she is unflapable and bomb proof with superb manners. Riding wise I don't allow her to speed up when she feels like it a walk is a walk not an on the spot canter, and if you let her get away with it she gets worse and worse and worse until you have very little control over her.
    Pony it's allowed to get away with anything. He will take full advantage and get nasty pretty quickly. He is also not the type you can whip, he will keep coming and coming, so I stop whatever I need to stop before it gets that bad. He's a good boy with someone who is strict with him he will do whatever ask of him if he knows that person is boss but someone who's a little nervous or doesn't have the experience to correct that instant or someone a little hesitant with him he will terrorize you. He knows a lot of tricks and I do not allow him to do them unless I ask for them, he was not taught with treats, but I do give once in a while if the occasion calls for it. He's also not allowed to rub on me at all because with him if I let him rub once all he will do is rub on everyone anything and everything.
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    I sometimes let Vanna rub her face on me, only because it melts my heart when she does it because she's generally so aloof that she doesn't do things like that. But she seems to also know the limit - she's never pushed me over or been overly forceful... she rubs her forehead on my shoulder a few times and then I turn around and scratch around her eyes and under her forelock like she loves. I also let her lick my hands, but only because she's never tried to nip at me. I think she just likes the salt. And I don't make her keep her head at my shoulder when leading. I basically hold the lead line in one hand and she follows me sedately wherever I lead her. She never goes past me, but sometimes, she's a foot or so back.

    Vegas doesn't get away with much, because she's the type that is just toeing the line of being pushy. If I let her rub on me once, suddenly she's doing it to everyone. If I don't keep her firmly in check on the lead line, she gets bossy. I have to be a real stickler for her or she picks up bad habits faster than I thought possible.
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    When it's cold and windy with driving rain, I'm bad and let my pony walk behind me and I block the rain. She absolutely hates getting rain in her face. She'll tuck her head right up against my rain coat and let me block the rain.

    When it's not miserable, she walks beside me with proper manners.
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    Trying to think through, if I allow it I don't really consider them to be "getting away" with anything but I do some things that I know other people consider to be no-nos.

    I let them eat while under saddle.
    Long rides coupled with animals meant to spend most of their lives grazing and all that.
    They know when they are really working and when they have time to grab a mouthful. I've never had one take advantage of that.

    I also don't mind if they are looky/snorty and jigging. Especially when they are fresh.
    As long as they are still listening with at least one ear they can snort and prance if it makes them feel better lol
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    My old man Lucky loved this big orange puffy coat I had. His eyes would light up and he loved to lip at it and play with the zipper. He also liked the drawstrings of hoodies and would grab them in his teeth and rub his upper lip on them really fast. He was such a sweet old soul and just did cute sweet things that I knew were affection and he never took them too far. Now, my young horse Baron somehow has the same obsession with the coat and I was super nostalgic the first time he went after the zipper after Lucky died. It made me cry, because it felt like having Lucky back again. That ended real fast when he bit my stomach. He is sweet but also could be a very pushy, aggressive horse if allowed to be. He is also very oral, he puts things into his mouth, throws stuff, tries to nibble which has turned into playful nips. So...he gets away with nothing. Because once he does then he just takes it too far.

    Lucky would play with the farriers belt loops, which we were both okay with because Lucky was just a special sort of guy. He just liked to rub his lip gently on things and had trouble standing with a foot up but always tried so hard to not move that it wasn't just a little distraction for him to get through the appointment. Baron is not allowed to touch the farrier at all...I expect perfection from him because he flat out could and would hurt him by being a big idiot. He took a long time to train to stand properly to be shod and is always a hair away from doing something stupid if I don't keep him constantly corrected.

    The one thing I do with him is that I compromise a little. He is insanely itchy after a ride and it was months of fighting to get him to stop rubbing fanatically as the bridle was coming off. Rubbing on me, rubbing on the wall, rubbing on himself. After continually fighting about it, I trained him that if he waits and is polite he can rub on his blue hair brush. He gets his itch, but in an orderly fashion.

    Funny the different personalities.
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    OMG, i have a coat like that! My horse always trys to eat it, I dunno why, it's so funny. I can't let her bite it tho coz next thing I know she starts to try to play with me like a horse!! Sweet but scary.
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    The only thing I allow my horse to do is stand still while I rub his face after a ride. He doesn't get to rub on my hand, but he can lean into it a little. And sometimes he will want me to hold his head by my body. Usually it's after a ride and he is tired. I think it is cute and never do much more than put my arm around his face (so if he lifted his head quickly I wouldn't be lifted off my feet) for a few seconds, then I ask him to move away. He is the sort of horse you can't allow to get away with much or he will take that as an opportunity to be much more naughty.
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