What do you guys think of this Friesian cross?

Discussion in 'Horse Chat' started by Kanekee, Jan 9, 2017.

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    I like him, but then again I don't. He seems a tad off kilter at the moment. May be the picture, may be that he's young and still has growing to do. I like the shoulder, but the head seems a bit large. The back end doesn't agree with me, either.
    But who knows, he may just be in an awkward stage right now. There are plenty who grow into their looks! :)
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    Again, that is not what I am saying. You need to do the re-reading, lol.

    And I am very clear on the fact that manes posted some random video of a charro horse and that that horse has nothing to do with the horse the OP is looking at. Yes, that it is not the horse the OP is looking at.

    The horse she is looking at was shown earlier in the thread. I am saying there is no way anyone should ever have that horse piaffing, at any age. The horse's conformation is not adequate for that work. Neither is its level of fitness adequate for that work. And I said very clearly, this horse should not be under saddle at 3, NOR should it be doing piaffe. That is directed at the OP,

    AND I am saying that IN GENERAL, MANY PEOPLE, have no idea what a piaffe is. The OP for one. Obviously, everyone else on this thread knows all about piaffe (n....no. They know some about it, though, enough to tell the OP that what the sellers are saying is completely wrong.

    The explanation that the charro horse is not doing a piaffe is for her, to emphasize, very, very clearly to her, that that is not correct, because clearly, she doesn't get that.

    And yes, manes presented it as a ''bad'' example of a piaffe, and I am saying, it isn't even a bad example of a piaffe, it's unrecognizeable. So the OP gets some sort of idea what a piaffe is.
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    all the poster has to do is post the link to the video , and we can all see this horse in action. Dollars to doughnuts it will never happen.
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    I don't think the opster is going to do that, because she feels attacked. Threads never turn out they way we expect them to. But I do feel the need to reiterate that the responses to the first poster were not meant to be taken as negative criticism. No one intended for the first poster to feel offended; nor was there intended negative criticism about the horse. People were just trying to give her a heads up that there are a lot of unscrupulous people that have no qualms about taking advantage of a young person or if they even perceive that a potential buyer of any age may be deceived they will tell the buyer anything that they think the buyer wants to hear just to make a sale. Deliberately omitting important details. Whatever will put money in the sellers pocket.

    Yes, I agree that a piaffe looks cool. But that should not be the highlight reason for purchasing the horse in the first post. When people train or ask a horse to perform a specific action too soon, it creates training or physical problems later down the road that could prove to a real headache or cause the buyer to shed many tears. People are wanting the first poster to avoid buying a horse under the advertised claims because there is very likely hidden issues. Many people have already been down that road and are all the wiser after having experienced things such as this. A three year old horse performing something that is not normally done at that age or that early in training is a red flag.
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