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    :running::redhorse: Yes, Our Horse Forum is back!!! :racehrs::horseon2:
    One of the longest down-times in our history (over 36 hours) is finally over.

    The cause?
    Catastrophic server hardware failure & data corruption.

    The solution?
    2 days of working straight with about 4 hours of sleep.
    Brand New server
    A new, much stronger security system
    Off-site backup Recovery.

    The Effect?
    We'll be limping for the next few days. Expect some slowness for a few days. Lots of little forum features are missing, search is down, the forum is generic looking, etc. I expect some issues with the new security system/upgrade, so do PM or post about errors you receive or blank pages. For the time being I would probably copy any paste before you hit send, just in case. More importantly, we've lost a day and a couple hours of posts, PMs & pictures. I tried really hard to recover them, which only extended the downtime. In hindsight, I probably should have just gone with the backup. Some of you managed to post yesterday in the couple hours we were limping along. Unfortunately anything posted on March 3rd and the couple hours we were up on the 4th is gone. My apologies. But thank heaven the last 10 years of posts are still here and we only lost a day's worth.

    What's NexT?
    Since the goal was to recover the data and get us back up, you can see we're running a plain vanilla version of the horse forum. What comes next is an awesome an accelerated update. Including new classifieds, new forum sections, product reviews, a nicer theme and more useful mobile theme. These will be implemented MUCH faster due to what happened, so at least there is that bright side.

    Welcome back everyone!

    PS: You can reply here in Forum Help
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    Great news!!!
    So happy to see the forum back up and running.... even with the generic version and missing features.
    This forum is better than no forum at all...!
    Looking forward to the updated version..take all the time you need.
    I have no doubt that great things are about to come!!!!!
    Thank you Admin..... [​IMG]
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    Wonderful!! :D

    Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication so that we can all enjoy this forum, for free!

    I'm looking forward to seeing how things change and evolve.

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    Thank you for the vacation :D
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  5. Jim_in_PA

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    Nov 18, 2008
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    Whew! The only thing that made this "bearable" was that I have been traveling for business and my time to actually try and access HGS has been limited. LOL

    'Looking forward to all the new goodies!
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