Weirdest (but not gross) vet/medical story you have.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Dona Worry, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Dona Worry

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    May 11, 2016
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    I was just talking about this with someone, thought it could be a fun thread.
    What is the strangest (but not gross!) diagnosis you've seen?
    Ours was a cow. . . Who became allergic to sunlight when pregnant.
    Her name was Fronz. We always knew when she was about 21 days pregnant because she'd leave the barn looking norml, come back after a couple of hours COVERED in blisters. Not even just where the sun hit, but all over, even inside her mouth!
    In the winter it wasn't a big deal, she just lived in the pens. In the summer, we found the one stall in the barn with zero sunlight, and there she stayed. We would let her out in a little fenced off area behind the barn after it got dark. We would just leave the gate open for her on days when he sun would be up before the cows came in and we'd find her hiding in 'her' stall.
    We kept her for years like that, she eventually died of cancer. It was so strange, and our vet never really had a good explanation for why it happened, or why it was ONLY while pregnant.
    We also had a black and white cow with a single bright red patch on her side. This is supposed to be genetically impossible. Alas, it was nearly 20 years ago (and now I feel OLD) so we did not really treat this as anything more than a curiosity. Now I wish we had at least taken a picture, or sent and email to Cornell or someplace.
    What do you guys have?
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  2. Puddincup

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    May 31, 2017
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    Well not a diagnosis but about 20 years ago, a vet was out looking at one of our horses and the horse wasn't cooperating for the vet but wasnt being mean, just hadn't been handled much but the vet kicked him and kneed him in the stomach when he moved away from her and when my Dad who was holding onto the horse tried to intervene, the vet starting kicking him too. Needless to say, we sure didn't call her again.

    I honestly think if she would have just chatted with my Dad for a couple minuted the horse would have relaxed enough to let her near but she had a bad energy and the horse just knew.
  3. manesntails

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    May 21, 2010
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    Back when we womed horse with great big white pills, you used a balling gun to shoot the pill into the back of the throat and then you held the head up and rubbed the throat to get them to swallow.

    We had a horse that, at the sight of the balling gun, would go all wild eyed and snorty, rear, strike, the whole deal, so, we called the Vet out to trank him so he could be wormed.

    The Vet, not knowing this horse, evidently didn't believe he needed tranked. He had one of the boys put a lead rope on him, bring him out in the aisle, by the tackroom, then, balling gun behind his back, walked over.

    The next thing we knew there was a big boom, a balling gun flying through the air and the Vet was inside the tackroom on his butt, hat had flown into the back corner of the tackroom into a bucket so it took us forever to find it.

    The horse had reared, placed both front feet on the Vet's chest and pushed him right through the sheetrock wall......hard~!!

    The wall had a hole in it the size of the Vet. :p

    After asking him if he was okay, I told him: “Now, the next time I tell ya a horse needs tranked,
    you're gonna trank him, aren't ya? o_O
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  4. ZipAllied

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    Aug 29, 2012
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    This is kinda weird. I worked for a vet when I was in my early 20's. One morning we had a couple come in with a female husky who appeared to be pretty ill. We got them into the exam room and Dr. B starts to ask standard questions about what she may have ingested, been into, etc. The couple were very vague and doing everything they could to avoid answering any questions. They also appeared very paranoid.

    I had gone to the back to prep a cage because we really figured the dog would be staying for treatment. Dr. B comes out of exam and says "Go in there and see if you can get any answers. And do they smell funny to you?":rofl:

    I walked into the exam room and the smell hit me. I asked a couple questions and tried to get them to admit what the dog ate.

    Finally they did.....a 1/2 a pound of POT!!!! Yep a 1/2 pound of marijuana!!!

    We were able to save the dog, but they did get busted because it had to be reported.

    I also had a lady throw a goose at me over our receptionist counter once.
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  5. bellalou

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    Dec 27, 2014
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    I worked for my best friend in Vermont who was a vet. We got a call for a horse that wasn't eating. Went out, checked him over. Gut sounds normal, no sign of colic. She opened his mouth to look at his teeth and saw the rough edge of bone. :eek:

    X-ray and exam - turned out one side of his face was just crushed, the bones were broken and floating around in there. We knocked him out and spent a couple of hours carefully pulling out shattered pieces of bone. Luckily, his jaws were able to work fine once the broken pieces were removed, and it hadn't gotten his eye socket, but there wasn't even a hint from the outside that this had happened. No swelling, no broken skin, no bleeding.

    The only think we could think was that he bashed it on a tree that morning and because it was winter and cold, it hadn't swelled. But it was really strange.

    He lived to a ripe old age after that and was fine with a bit and eating.
  6. endurgirl

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    Sep 29, 2004
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    I went out to feed Chloe one morning, I was about to leave to go to college, saw her bleeding from her nose. I couldn't see anything in her mouth or nose, I called the vet, his witchy wife answered and she argued with me that it was rabies, I told her, no this is NOT rabies!! I finally got my vet in the phone, he mentioned rabies too, but i told him i was positive it wasn't rabies, and he knows by now that if I'm having a feeling about something, i need to be heard. So, I hook up the trailer, call my teacher and tell her I won't be making it to class today due to my horse, she was ok with it.

    I get to the vet, he gets out the speculum and head lamp.... Chloe had a BRIAR stem wayyyyyyyyy back in her throat. He grabbed it with his tool and would have to wait until Chloe would swallow which relaxed the muscle enough to allow the briar to slowly be pulled out. It was about 4 -5 inches long. I have it in a bag somewhere in a closet. :rofl: :rofl:
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  7. slc

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    Feb 19, 2004
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    How about if it's a human other health care provider. You said /medical but I wasn't sure if you really wanted to include humans.

    Just in case...I went to the eye doctor to get a new prescription for lenses. The technician comes in, runs the machines, does the few tests she does....

    Suddenly the doctor comes running in with a panic stricken expression asking, 'CAN YOU SEE AT ALL?' and declares he's calling the EMTs to take me to the hospital.

    'Yes....I can see', I say, feeling terrified.

    'You can see? What can you see?'

    On and on like this - he's running around hysterically. He says I have gigantic retinal bleeds completely obstructing both eyes. I should not be able to see anything.

    I'm terrified, obviously, ,but at the same time, this doesn't make a lot of sense because I'm seeing....everything.....

    Finally, I say, 'pull up the scans of both retinas.'

    Doc pulls them up on the screen.

    I look at both images and notice that they are completely identical.

    'What are the odds of both bleeds being mirror images of each other?' I ask.

    'Zero', he says, 'that's impossible.'

    I said 'Well, these two bleeds are mirror images of each other.'

    He stares at them, muttering, 'Impossible.'

    I think for a minute and say, 'Someone shmorked on the lens of your machine.'

    'No. Impossible.'

    'Okay, what is your explanation for why I can see perfectly out of both eyes when your scans say I should be blind in both eyes?'

    He stands there for a minute, clutching his hands and says, 'Someone shmorked on the lens of the machine.' golly, someone had.
  8. Zimalia

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    Mar 1, 2010
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    The weirdest one I ever had was I needed to call my vet and got the new receptionist. I told her my problem, and that I needed to talk to ****. She said he was unavailable. Strange, he'd always been available before. But not now.
    I told her I was not asking for him to come out, I would haul in, I always hauled in. She asked where I lived. I told her, and she told me that I lived too far away and would have to find a new vet, and HUNG UP ON ME! Talked about PI$$ED!!! I was to the max!
    I waited till after normal business hours when I knew she would not be there, and called **** again. Yep, sure enough, he answered the phone, and boy was he angry at what I'd been told!
    Needless to say, I never got that receptionist again. She was fired.
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  9. Dona Worry

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    May 11, 2016
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    When Freddie was just a few months old, she got into something, and was having seizures and trouble breathing. I rushed her to the vet, who gave her something for her breathing and sent me an hour and a half away to the all-night emergency pet hospital. I was there until about 1am, and got no diagnosis, but they were able to sedate her, help her breathing and stop the siezures.
    I called first thing in the morning for an update.
    "Yes, I'm calling to see how my puppy is, Fred Worry?"
    "Ok! Let me look jim up. Oh, I see. Female basset hound. Oh. The little yellow puppy. . . "
    "How is she?! Is she ok?!"
    "Oh, um, yes. Yes, she woke up, and is good."
    "Good? What does that mean?!"
    "Well, she woke up and started howling, she was very distressed. . . "
    "Where is she? Can I talk to the vet? Did they have to sedate her again?!"
    ". . . WELL IF YOU MUST KNOW. . . she is sleeping on my lap. At reception."
    "She was really upset. . ."
  10. gaitedboomer

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    Jan 26, 2009
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    Being old, I have a lifetime of vet calls for small,and large animals.

    One that immediately come to mind from when I was in my 30's:

    I took my Doberman to the all animal vet (early 70's) for back end paralysis. I had to carry his 70 pound self into the office.

    While waiting my turn, I became fixed on a HUGE acquarium that appeared to be empty. It was on the other side of the waiting room, I didn't want to leave my dog so I just sat quietly staring and wondering.

    Thinking my eyes were playing tricks on me from staring too long, I thought I saw a little fuzzy "stick" appearing on the side of the glass, from the bottom.

    That fuzzy stick moved further up the glass accompanied by a few other fuzzy sticks. It didn't take long for the body attached to those sticks made itself known and I nearly fell off the waiting room chair.

    I had never seen a real Tarantula until that moment:faint:. We didn't have Tarantulas on the OH/PA border and even the vet commented this one was exceptionally large but harmless --- if you say so:eek:

    As to why my dog suddenly became paralyzed --- he had been on the side of the garage that was rocky and full of weeds ----- there was a big Black and Yellow spider web on that side and the vet said it had most likely bit my dog. --- a spider --- just what I wanted to hear after losing five years watching the vet's tarantula slowly make its way from the bottom of the acquarium to the top:help:
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