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    I don't want to eat one of mine, they are way too spoiled, but I would eat horse meat. I have tried it one time when I was a teenager and it was good. I don't have trouble with products made form equines either.
    I feel like I honor all of the animals that end up on my plate, domestic or wild. I try not to waste, I care for the ones in my keep, I try to educate those that think meat comes from the grocery store and I advocate for those in need every chance I get.
    I understand it is personal choice, I don't like goat, lamb or antelope so I don't eat any of it as a rule. Personal choice.
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    Honour probably isn't the best word, I really can't describe what it is, but I definitely put them up on a pedestal. I'm a nerd, what can I say... :blushing:
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    I figure I don't have to eat them, so I don't. A starvation situation, well...I would probably do it and cry (ditto for dogs and cats). I get to eat fish cheeks and I love beef tongue sandwiches (grilled on good bread, with tangy mustard and very sharp cheddar cheese). I've never had antelope. I do like curried goat and lamb so I live with my hypocrisy.
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