URGENT: Horses on Feedlot!

Discussion in 'Horse Rescue / Adoption' started by April'sDanes, Sep 22, 2007.

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    I'm a little hesitant about posting this, a little worried about the response I'll get. But it seems like you all are very nice, level-headed people that won't start any arguments and will focuse on the welfare of the horses. If there is a flare up of any kind, I will delete this thread. Thank you. :wink:

    These horses are located on a feedlot in Yakima, Washington. There is a lady that works with the feedlot owner to try and get permission to place horses before they get shipped to slaughter. This handful of horses have until 8:00 am, Monday 24, 2007. These are all nice horses that deserve a chance. Horses rescued from this lot have gone on to be show winners and the best buddies you could ask for. Many people are dumping their horses before winter, not wanting to pay the feed bills. Many of these horses are perfectly healthy. Some may have a few minor ailments, and others may need special care. But they all deserve a chance and that is why I'm posting this. :(

    If you are willing and able to adopt, please do so immeadiately! If you are hesitant about the distance, don't be! We have adopters up and down the western states, and even one in New York. So it is do-able.

    If you are not able to help that way would you be able to donate? If so please send (no amount is too small!) your donations to: angeldonation@paypal.com

    What you'll need to do if one of these strikes your fancy:
    1. Submit an adoption application! Columbia Basin Equine Rescue
    2. Email the placement specialist! I will post these with the horses, see bottom reply. Tell them you are willing to adopt "_____" outright and to please put a rush on your adoption application. If you can't adopt outright, we *may* be able to help raise money for either the bail (adoption fee) or quarantine. But not both. If you are financially able, please don't ask for help. These are not "free" horses.
    3. Quarantine is usually 30 days, costing about $9.00 a day. They will be picked up from the lot and taken to either Sam's or Deb's place. This will give you time to arrange transport also.
    4. The placement specialist will tell you what to do from then on. But you will have to pay for the horse after you are approved. You can find the paypal link on their pages.
    For simplicity purposes I will post a picture and the description of the horses below.

    THANK YOU! Just by looking at this it shows you care :cutekiss: ..........

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    awwe they're all so cuute!
    sad to think someone didnt want them :(
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    I hope they all find good homes.
  4. Dawn11

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    I wish I could help also but I am up in Canada.
    Is there some reasoin all the horses are Mares?
  5. Haas Horse Farm

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    April not trying to be rude here but I own 28 head of horses and have another horse here that I care for. I have my own feed bills to cover. I cannot feel sorry for any of these horses... what good is that going to do? There are way too many horses in the world at this time.

    MAYBE the BLM should stop allowing all their stallion to run wild and breed everything...if that was so then maybe the BLM mares you have listed here would not be needing homes.

    Sorry you have hit a nerve with me. It is not that I do not care... but it just really gripes me when people wonder why no one wants to help. Well you better look at the big picture. There are too many needing help so where do you draw the line?
  6. missy'sbabydoll

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    those "adoption" fees seem awful high. feedlot prices are at rock bottom right now.
  7. Reyven

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    I feel bad for these horses, and all horses that need homes and may ship off to slaughter, but I can only afford the horse I have now plus the two rescues I already donate to every month. If I could help I would love to take more horses, but I cannot do anything about that...unless I win the lottery ;)
  8. 1rish

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    Why are their prices so high?
  9. lexie51

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    Haas Horse Farm,,, I dont understand how you can sit there and say: You dont feel sorry for any of those horses, Do you lack heart or what? I am anti horse slaughter,but I can honestly say if I was pro slaughter I would still feel sorry for the horses. What I dont feel sorry for are the ones(humans)that keep breeding and dumping horses just because they can. The horses are the ones to suffer while the people get green in their wallets.....
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    I agree! Seems like someone is trying to make some bucks on some castaways by pulling heart strings.


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