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    For those of you who were interested in knpwing the outcome of the Choctaw horses of Blackjack Mountain, here is the latest...
    Bright blessings today!!


    “Join Return to Freedom and the Rickman Family to preserve an American Legend"

    In 2004 Americans fell in love with a legendary Spanish Mustang, thanks
    to the Disney film Hidalgo which paid tribute to America’s wild
    horses and Frank Hopkins - a man who devoted his life to protecting
    them. Descendants of Hidalgo still range free in Blackjack Mountain near
    Finley, OK, along side original strains of the Choctaw Indian Horse.
    Having endured centuries of change in an increasingly industrial world,
    the survival of this herd is now threatened.

    The Oklahoma Land and Timber Company has, with very little warning,
    terminated the grazing leases on Blackjack Mountain, demanding that the
    horses be removed by February 29, 2008. However, prior to the company
    canceling the annual grazing lease, they, along with other timber
    companies, had already began spraying some 200,000 acres the horses
    shared with cattle and other wildlife. These chemicals are being used to
    eradicate the vegetation used by grazing animals and wildlife, thereby
    eliminating the need for these animals for fire control. “The endangered
    horses on Blackjack Mountain are a part of our American history. The
    Choctaw Indian Horses survived the horrific Trail of Tears in the
    1830’s, only to face Government slaughter campaigns right up through the
    1950’s when a cleansing policy under the euphemistic name of a Tick
    Eradication Program nearly wiped out the remaining horses,” says John
    Fusco, Spanish Mustang preservationist and writer of the movies,
    Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron, Hidalgo and the upcoming
    Forbidden Kingdom. “Today, the Choctaw Horses are a nearly-extinct
    strain, so the news of this heartless assault on their last stronghold
    is shocking.”

    Board of Directors members John Fusco, Bryant Rickman, Dr. Phillip
    Sponenberg and Return to Freedom, American Wild Horse Sanctuary
    Founder Neda DeMayo have joined forces to create *The Gilbert Jones
    Choctaw-Cherokee Conservancy - A Project of Return To Freedom and The
    Rickman Family.

    The goal is to start a conservancy in Oklahoma, to preserve the genetic
    and cultural treasures of the original Choctaw and Cherokee tribal
    strains and America’s Spanish Colonial Mustangs in viable healthy herds
    for generations to come. Under the umbrella of Return to Freedom, a
    501c3 non-profit corporation, the immediate need is to start raising
    initial funds to purchase enough acreage for the Conservancy.. But
    securing a safe haven for the horses is only the first step in an
    ongoing, collaborative preservation effort. An integral part of the
    Conservancy is the eventual creation of the Gilbert Jones Heritage
    Museum, which will serve to enrich the public through the education of
    the cultural heritage these horses represent.

    “Along with the endangered Choctaw and Cherokee strains, the records of
    Gilbert Jones indicate that the last Spanish Mustangs of the “Hidalgo”
    line, known as the White-Y line, are also hanging on by a thread up
    there,” says Fusco. “Like Frank Hopkins, the subject of my movie,
    Gilbert Jones was an ardent champion of these threatened horses from
    history. His work has been passed down into the hands of Bryant Rickman,
    and now Mr. Rickman needs our help.”

    The Board is launching a major capital campaign to raise funds to help
    the Rickman’s continue the legacy of this historical herd. For
    information on how you can help with this effort, please visit
    www.returntofreedom.org . **
    Email: vtblackpony@aol.com

    Website: http://www.colonialspanishpony.com
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    THat is awful. I hope that company get some VERY BAD press and a lot of phone calls about this. May those who are trying to save that herd find great success.
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    Thanx, Penny. :wink:

    Least I have time to work on some great fundraising ideas for it. So many times money won't help, so I work to raise awareness, but this time money will help, and I wanna give more. Since I don't have any more of my own to donate, I am gonna donate my time and effort to getting the word out and organising a few fundraisers.

    I have a friend with a Baca Chia horse, (similar to the Choctaw horses, another strain of the original Horse of the Americas.) He is very pretty, head is much more refined than I expected, and my friend swears he can speak human....
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    thanks for the link glad there is more time
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    My pleasure, thanx for the interest.:D
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    How do I adopt one of hildalgo's descendants?
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    They have probably been rounded up and auctioned/killed/shot or whatever the BLM feels fit. Worst people out there. Mustangs are really not all that great, but they deserved a better end. This thread is also four years old.

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