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    I am sick, I missed work yesterday even. Yuck!!! It's mostly a head cold I think, I took some of that Advil cold and sinus and I am feeling better today but my head ache is terrible!!

    Anyways, Brad left this morning for work. He was supposed to leave yesterday morning but my Neon died for good. Well, Brad fixed it from when it broke down before but then we took it in to get tires and they hold Brad it would need ball joints and all this other stuff that the car is just not worth the money. So yesterday Brad had to find me a car LOL We wanted to get a new car, but Brad's company doesn't have work lined up for after Christmas yet and we're unsure of this economy right we decided to buy a used for now and get a new car this spring or summer when hopefully the pipe line/oil field is more stable. I know there's a lot of welders sitting at home right now looking for work, so it is a little nerve wracking.

    Anyways, Brad got me a 98 Chrysler Cirrus. Just paid cash for it. It's a nice enough car...fully loaded (leather seats, 6 CD player, tinted windows, remote starter, etc...etc...) but it has a lot of km's on it. Which is to be expected for a 10 year old car LOL But it runs really good and Brad looked through it pretty good so we should be fine with it, at least until spring.

    So this morning as sad anyways when Brad left :( Boo. At least it's only 3 weeks this time.

    My specialist called yesterday and I missed the call because I was sleeping (LOL) but they want to change my appointment for the colopscopy to sooner. So I have to call them today and re-book it I guess. I guess that's a good thing, I do want to get it over with and find out what the heck is going on. And then I'll be fine and not doped up for WPB Finals LOL!! But Brad won't be home, so that sucks. Oh well. His mom or sister will bring me, or Jenna maybe. I'll figure it out!

    Tomorrow I am going Christmas shopping with Brad's mom. I'm pretty excited! Brad and both put away some money for Christmas so I am excited to start spending it LOL! I hope to get all our decorations and hopefully the gifts for the 7 neices and nephews...LOL!
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    EXCITING!!!! New cars are always so fun!! Even if they're not brand new per se. Sounds pretty nice inside!!

    Eeek ! Sooner! If you need a hand getting to your appointment let me know!

    Ooooooo!!! Christmas shopping!!! I love shopping for little kids!! My money saved was drained on the condo :(

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