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Discussion in 'Horse Health' started by BarrelJumper101, Jan 13, 2018.

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    Right now my horses are botg on a 1lb of carb care a day. I was curious if any one uses tribute kalm ultra, or tribute kalm ez or tribute kalm n ez gc plus. I saw that tribute kalm n ez gc plus had something for joints in it and im interested in trying it. If anyone has tried let me know your thoughts.
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    I was feeding my horse the Tribute Essential K at the old place. She did great on it. If your horses are easy keepers, I’d recommend it. Low feed rate, high nutrition.

    The barn I’m at now feed Tribute Kalm n Ez GC Plus so that’s what my horse is on at the moment. She’ll stay on it if I’m satisfied with how she’s looking.

    IMO, the GC plus of any of their feeds do not have enough glucosamine or MSM by itself to make a difference and justify the extra money.
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    I feed Tribute Kalm Ultra, Kalm N EZ, and Essential K. all of my horses do great on it and i have no complaints. I agree though, I dont think the GC+ would have enough to make a difference
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    I feed my show horses Kalm Ultra during the riding season and love it. It’s the best feed I’ve found by far. Their coats are shiny and they are at an excellent weight.

    During the off season I take my horses off Kalm Ultra and put them on Essential K. They are easy keepers and just don’t need the calories when not being worked.
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    A boarder at my barn feeds her QH mare Tribute Kalm N EZ. She arrived when she bought her in very underweight shape. Many other feeds were recommended due to her condition (Think Pro Force Senior or Pro Force Fuel etc). She went with the Kalm N Ez instead and she has consistently gained weight and she looks phenomenal on it. I was impressed!
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    Essential K is a good ration balancer. We like to think it helped them through crappy grazing seasons, 2 yrs in a row now.
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    I've used Tribute on 3 occasions, 3 horses. I was not overly impressed with it. I switched back to Buckeye and I see great improvement. I think Tribute is over marketed and not really the quality they claim it to be. That said, if it works for your horse, that's great, but it didn't work for mine. I mean... they could have survived, but they look loads better on Buckeye.
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    Some years ago a local trainer convinced me to try Tribute by saying that Buckeye was 'all filler' and he had to 'feed more and more of it' and it was 'going down in quality.' That sounded odd, I wasn't having any issues with Buckeye, but since he was so sure Tribute was so much better, I decided to give it a try.

    I switched back to Buckeye after the contamination issue with Tribute. I felt uncomfortable with how Tribute handled the contamination issue.

    Buckeye guarantees they don't use any mills or subcontractors that handle cattle feed additives.

    The formulation and ingredients of both products are fairly similar. I don't see much difference between them in that respect.

    At this point I'm looking at a diet that substitutes a ration balancer with a small amount of alfalfa meal or hay.
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