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Discussion in 'Horse Training' started by Wild at Heart, Jan 19, 2019.

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    Your horses are super cute, and I'm not trying to be critical of you. I just don't want you to be hurt, so please listen to what me and the others are saying.

    I don't think you truly understand just how fast horses can pull back. There's usually no warning, and I guarantee you cannot react fast enough to pull the end of the rope to do your "quick release". It just isn't going to happen. As someone who has a horse who is a chronic puller (might go months without anything and then boom, it happens randomly), I'm always super careful about how I tie her and where I tie her, and even then we still sometimes run into problems. She's pulled back so hard and so fast (with a quick release knot) that it ended up melting the rope together and I had to cut it off the post (at least it was a solid post so she didn't drag it after herself) to free her. Tying your rope to twine is an excellent recommendation and I need to employ that more often while tying my own horses.

    I cannot reiterate this enough: You cannot react fast enough to release that knot. You just can't. Horses win every time in that regard.
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    Not going to elaborate much more on the tying thing as others have and I agree whole heatedly, but I have a comment about Ren and her feet being handled and the farrier.

    Yes, she may be good with you handling her feet and wiggling them up and around and tapping them with the hoof pick. That's not usually the largest issue with training a horse to the farrier though. A lot of things people don't think about is length of time the farrier will hold a foot up versus how long the average owner will hold a foot up.

    So one reason why Ren might not be happy about it is that she's not used to having the "comfortable foot holding time" being pushed past her limit. I suggest spending way longer than usual holding her feet in one given moment. Hold for an entire minute (clock it on your watch, it's a lot longer than you'd feel or guess it to be), put her foot down, then pick it back up again and hold for another entire minute. Length is a big thing. Most horses will learn quickly what a tapping on their foot is, they don't need to be desensitized to that nearly as much as they need to be trained to be patient and hold their foot up until it's let down.

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    Well, today marks exactly 100 days that I've had Ren, my little filly. Can hardly believe it's been that many days. Feels like time flew by as well as dragged by. Very grateful to have this little one in my life. She brings a smile to my face every day.

    Anyways, so yesterday I didn't do much with the horses since I spent most of the day with Grandma who just came home from having some surgery done. But later in the evening when I had the time, I got her pony and decided to put him in the main field with my horses again and see how it goes. I did that about a month or two ago and what ended up happening was that this tiny little pony ended up bullying my mare and refused to let her eat or leave the corners of the pen (It didn't start off that bad but progressed to it). I had them together for roughly 2 weeks ish but considering the pony was getting more aggressive towards her and wasn't allowing her to eat, I separated them and put him in an adjoining pen.

    They were kept that way for about 2 months. It wasn't until a week into the second month roughly that they stopped threatening each other along the fence line. So since they've been doing so good these last few weeks next to each other by the fence line, I figured it was time to put Smokey(the pony) back into the main pen.

    This time, there were no fireworks. Occassionally there was some ear pinning and the tossing of heads between Roxy and Smokey, but that was literally it. And when it came to supper time, they even ate next to each other without fuss. Just took them a while to get used to each other and decide to get along. And of course, neither Smokey or Roxy have anything against Ren since she's a baby. So glad all 3 get along now. Makes things a lot easier.
    Also planning on trying some trick training with little Smokey. He's very food motivated so I'm sure it wouldn't take much to teach him a few tricks since he does anything for some treats lol.

    Otherwise for training, working on teaching Ren some new cues for giving her hindquarters from a distance and more work on having her give her head. She's catching on pretty good with that and even though I haven't asked her to lower her head completely to the ground, she does it anyway nearly every time I ask for her head now and keeps it down for a bit on her own.
    Sadly won't be able to do too much these next few days/week since the weather's supposed to get pretty bad with a mini blizzard type of thing but thankfully it shouldn't last longer than that.


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