Trainer rules for Horse Clothes

Discussion in 'Horse Chat' started by bobo and horses, Apr 17, 2017.

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    Actually I think in hospitals, you do get a 'laundry charge' and such like. These days, hospitals are 'finding monetizing opportunities' every which way.
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    There are a lot of trainers that have in their training contract that show horses need to have a sheet/blanket/cooler of a specific color and usually a leather halter for rated shows. Many trainers also charge a show fee to clients for shows that includes share of the tack stall, stall drapes, trainer on site etc.
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    I haven't seen many people criticizing you/your daughter for not liking this. Most of the contrary comments I've seen (including my own) have been in response to people acting like it's stupid or morally wrong for trainers to expect matching tack AT ALL. I would be furious if this was sprung on me suddenly, obviously if trainers want this they should be up front with it in the contract.

    I know someone who got charged $20 for a Sprite while staying in a hospital. Depressing.
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    $20 dollars for a sprite!!!!!! They lost their mind! I would have shoved that sprite some place. That's horrific. Love it when people take advantage of others such a lovely compassionate thing to do.

    Edit because I can't spell
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    The thing is though, when you sign your kid up for a sports team you know up front you are footing expenses like that. With horses not every trainer requires matching wardrobes so it isn't something most people would expect to have to pay. I would expect to go over that during the initial interview process, not after the Is were dotted and the Ts crossed and training has commenced. That is bad business to unexpectedly dump an expense on a client.
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    I have worked and ridden at all levels of barns. Imho it's pretty obvious when you walk into a tack room and everyone has the same stuff. If it's a show barn I would expect it.

    I would buy the matching stuff (show sheet, halter and maybe a jacket) if I was planning on staying and showing with the barn. If you are only there for 90 days training, I would say no.

    Imho, some people go overboard and buy the same saddles, bridles, boots and their own show attire to match the barn colours. I would only do that for a professional FEI barn that is sponsored.
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    I get you there. I'm of the impression though that this is a new idea the trainer's wife cooked up, so it wasn't anything that could have been expected.

    Hope your daughter gets it worked out bobo and horses. Maybe some of the suggestions here could appease her trainers wife that are less expensive and compromising. Five hundred dollars unexpectedly is no laughing matter when it's a non essential.
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    The problem has been resolved. Daughter and two others who also had signed contracts had a discussion with the trainer - sans the wife. He agreed that since they had a little more than three months left on their contracts, and all were going back to their respective boarding barns, this new requirement would not be required. He wasn't happy with the new "rule" anyway.

    He will continue to train as contracted, and stated that he hoped all would return to his training barn, if they wished later. Wife showed up, and the discussion ended with the three desenterswould be at the end of the aisle at the shows, and all the similarly "clothed" horses would be all together. The three desenters don't give a hoot where in the aisle they would be stalled. none of the tack and equipment were ordered as of yet, so no loss of cash by anyone.
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    That sounds like a great solution for everyone. Glad it worked out.
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    Sounds like a good solution !!

    I don't get it anyway. Unless we are talking a very prestige "team" with PERSONALIZED tack, what in the world would "matching colors" achieve?

    There are only so many "tasteful" colors. Unless you see hot pink, orange, purple polka dot on turquoise chances are that the same colors (red, hunter green, navy, etc) are presented several times at each show. So if anything, it makes it MORE confusing. "A" belongs to this and that trainer. No he doesn't. But he is navy..So, so is so-and-so.

    If you really want to give your barn a certain "touch" then you could figure out a way to ADD something to the tack. Perhaps a patch that can be sewn on to stuff, or even applied via sew on Velcro. Something you can wrap (velcro) around the noseband or on the side of the halter. Something you hang on a stall door. Something very personal and truly unique to the training barn. Also tasteful, hopefully, and not in your face. I'm sure they could come up with some great ideas if they put some thought into it.
    This way it could be "removable", it wouldn't be overly expensive and the show barn could provide it.

    Not every horse looks its best in every color. Not every horse fits best in a certain brand of blanket. My horse didn't fit well in any of the Rambo blankets, for example. And I will use NOTHING but Buccas blankets, the ones that wick moisture away from a horse and can basically be put straight on a damp horse without causing skin issues. Certain bell boots work better with certain horses, etc etc etc. No 2 horses are the same, why squeeze them into the same pair of jeans? Plus pay half a fortune for it? Only to show up at a show and 3 other trainers have the same color...ooops.

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