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    I just wanted to bump this one last time.

    Guyana went into WECH this week to see Dr. Langer. He examined and did an ultrasound on her pelvis rectally, as well as doing an ultrasound of both him joints and her right stifle. He also took a couple views of her back.

    Where we were thinking more of a knocked down hip before and possibly other issues further down, Dr. Langer found the right side of her pelvis is more narrow than the left. More than likely she fell or did something else to compress that side of the pelvis. The asymmetry behind is putting abnormal stresses on her SI. The right side of the SI shows arthritic changes and a bone spur. She also has about 4 spots where there is narrowing of the spinous processes (kissing spine). He palpitated, but was unsure how much the KS was bothering her, as she did not react a whole lot.

    The ultrasound of the stifle didn't show anything abnormal and her hip joints looked good (when compared to each other). He did initially think there were some changes as the ultrasound at the front of the right hip joint did not look smooth, but after comparing to the left side he felt that it was just how the ultrasound was interacting with her hip joints.

    I was also told that they've never had to chase a red headed mare into trot during flexions...or really any other horse. :rolleyes:

    He was unsure how she would do being brought back into work and what her long term soundness would be like with a continued athletic career. Really, depends on how she handles being brought back into work. I did have him inject her SI and do some mesotherapy.

    During my hour drive home, I did a lot of thinking. She started going back downhill about a year after her first SI injection. I'm hopeful that keeping up with that piece of maintenance every 10 months or so will at least allow me to bring her back to the level we were at this least for a few more years.

    I did receive a few compliments on her confirmation and plan on getting her approved this year with the ATA. Dr. Langer did confirm that even with the narrowing on the right, she still had enough room in the pelvis to not cause an issue with foaling.

    I'm not sure what to think...and really I guess its wait and see how she handles everything going forward.
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