The reason I sometimes love my small community...

Discussion in 'Horse Health' started by Dream27, Jun 12, 2015.

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    I live in the middle of nowhere. Walmart is 85 miles away...not many decent farriers around here...600 people in my stoplights....lots of gossipy people, but they are always willing to help someone in need. For example...

    Somehow AJ (my barrel horse) did this to her hoof yesterday.


    I discovered this, of course, at 8:30 pm when I was bathing her. Naturally, I'm leaving today immediately after work for our horse show. So I went into panic mode.

    I called my regular farrier, who of course didn't answer. Then, I posted the pic on facebook, and luckily a lady whose husband is a farrier 30 miles away was coming back from a town 70 miles away and said they would be willing to drive to help me. By the time they arrived, it was 10 pm. For about an hour, the guy worked on AJ's feet under my security light (and even trimmed up the fronts a little...she must be really growing them right now!), shaped her 2 shoes and filled in the hoof with epoxy. He was really good with my mare too, who is apparently coming into heat and wanted to stand still about as much as a 2 year old racehorse would.

    And how much did this wonderful man charge me for driving 60 miles round trip, plus spending a lot of time and energy getting 2 shoes on and a hoof filled?






    Yes, I couldn't believe it. Obviously I paid him quite a bit more, but I was worried it was going to be a several hundred dollar deal since it was last minute and way late at night. He might be my new regular farrier I think.


    I felt really bad for him, though...once they left, I finished up getting Luna ready for the show, and his wife texted me that he may have dropped his wallet where their car was parked. I checked, and sure enough, I found it. He had already made it all the way home, so he had to turn around and drive another 60 miles to get his 11:30 at night. Poor guy.

    But I'm so thankful he was able to get AJ shaped up (as long as her shoes are still on...haven't checked yet) so I can take her to the show this weekend. Small towns have their benefits sometimes!!!
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    Whoa! I need his name and number because I will be stealing him from you.
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    I love small town living----people are always ready to help you when needed!

    Good luck at the show!
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    Gosh, there is so much GOOD feels on here today.
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