The Mistakes We've Made

Discussion in 'Horse Chat' started by Arem, Aug 7, 2017.

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    My biggest mistake was in learning not to tie a horse directly to a (unattached) trailer without baler twine or anything. I'd heard that you're not supposed to tie to an unattached trailer, but knowing what I do now, I wouldn't tie directly to an attached trailer either without baler twine. I didn't usually tie on there but all my tack was going in the trailer tack room after a ride so I thought I'd quickly tie him to the trailer, untack, then bring him back out to his pasture. He was being a fart dancing around and pawing because his friend went straight back up to the barn, and when I came around the side of the trailer I yelled "HEY!" and clapped my hands to get him to quit pawing. Thank goodness he's virtually bombproof and isn't a puller, because when I came around the side I startled him, and he backed up a couple steps and threw his head up - enough force to rock the trailer backwards and pull the jack off the blocks. It landed with a booming crash, and the saintly horse just stood there. That's when I actually considered the physics of it - horse tied high, meaning any pull from the horse is going to pull near the top of the trailer, and the trailer is only about double what the horse weighs - and it's on wheels. Wheel blocks or not, this is a stupid idea. Could have been much, much worse, particularly if it was a different horse or if he had pulled the trailer to the side rather than backwards. Lesson learned!!!
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    Anyone who says a given horse won't kick needs to be the one who finds out it does.

    Don't get on a horse if the seller won't.

    DEFINITELY DO look a gift horse in the mouth.

    Anything anyone selling a horse tells you, just take it and put the words 'not' in front of it.

    The two most untrue words in the horse world are 'Trust me.'

    Remember that anyone who declares themselves a flesh and blood saint, isn't.

    Don't check your spurs, tall black boots and whip on a flight to Canada.
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    The other mistake I made:
    Getting on a friend's old show mare bareback.

    My back has never been the same.

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