The Border Collie who WON'T.

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    I bought a BC pup back in April, late April, and she's always been submissive. Very sweet to people. And smart as a whip, she clicks to everything like it's nothing. She would listen, loves to learn and was generally a good honey.

    She's about 4 months old now. She knows sit, down, and is clicking to "stay". She knows her name- She learned it pretty quickly even though it took a while to figure out a name for her. She knows what no means. And a firm "hey" seems to stop her in her tracks if she's caught doing something she shouldn't (ie. chewing on something she knows not to.).

    Recently, she's decided to turn into a heathen who wants to refuse to do anything and tries to ignore me. I'll take her out to potty, to which she will and then she'll mindlessly walk- emphasis on WALK- to the driveway and into the road. I'll call to her, tell her "come here" and everything she's always listened to and she'll ignore me like she's got selective hearing. Upon walking out after her to immediately retrieve her from the street (We live in the country, never any cars on the road, but STILL.), she'll BOLT away from me like a bat out of **** and head off farther away.

    I googled around. Admittedly, I scolded her for not listening because it spooked me that she was running off into the road. Now, I've turned "come here" into "oh $#!^, I'm gonna get in trouble if she gets a hold of me!" So, it's a reestablishment of "come here" means "pets and happy human." I'll start on that tomorrow morning. We're going to re-learn "come here."

    But why did she go from obedient to "screw off!" I've owned many a dog- All mixed breeds, and male- And none of them EVER did this. They were always obedient.

    Tana is acting like a rebellious teen who doesn't care anymore. What spawned this text post was her new bratty habit- Flipping her food bowl and WATER bowl in her crate. And carrying it around and flinging it around like a sticky hand on a string. Which I had to clean up. While cleaning it up, she came over, snagged the water bowl by my side which I was going to wash after cleaning the liquid off the floor and RAN off with it, snarling and playing with it.

    Why? Do BC's really get THIS bored? I will exercise her for a full hour instead of 30 minutes a day. Even throughout the day I play with her. I don't understand what /went wrong./
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    Lol yes bc's really do get that bored.

    If she were mine she would be on a leash anytime outside and inside as well if the naughty behavior occurred there as well.
    Instead of a one hour exercise marathon do 15ish minute sessions several times throughout the day. You have to remember she is still a baby and the short but frequent sessions are better for her both mind and body.

    You can also instead of giving her 24/7 access to water offer her a drink when she wakes up and during/after playing and then put the water up so she can't spill it. But you really have to be on the ball making sure she gets plenty of opportunities to drink. If you work away from home this isn't a great option but can be used while you are home at least.
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    What has always worked for my BCs (my family has had MANY of them) is a redirection for the herding instinct, which seems to drive a lot of issues in general within the breed. My dog particularly enjoys fetch. Our most recent one just runs around outside most of the day. Is it possible to build a fenced area to let her loose in outside? Do you exercise at all? Mine all have loved to be my jogging buddy. Lol
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    BC's can be great dogs, but not for all people, have followed Jon Katz's books on Bedlam Farms, and his dogs, eye opening to say the least, they want a job moreso than many dogs.

    She may also be more "herding" driven, in that she wants to stay busy doing something?

    Can you teach her any agility training?
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    Yep, time for a leash (or long rope) so that she doesn't even have the chance to ignore you. Positive reinforcement will go a LONG way, so always set her up to succeed. Don't even call her name unless you have hold of the leash to pull her to you as you praise her. It should be instant: call name, start drawing in the line, and tell her how she's just such a good girl. Even though it isn't HER decision (yet), she'll get it. This goes for pretty much all training. Don't give a command that you'll have to repeat and be ignored by. The more they can ignore you, the less they'll respect your voice. I can't stand dog owners who have to nag their dog to sit or lay down... Nagging is quite annoying!

    Border Collies are more about keeping the mind busy - a bored BC will be a bad BC, no matter how much exercise they get. I like the idea of multiple times a day at this point. As she gets older, longer sessions will be more appropriate
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    LOVE my BC's. super smart and easy to train. however, they are "busy" dogs and if you don't give them a job they make up their own.

    I would still take a BC over any other breed of dog. Heck, i'll trade you for my BF's A-hole nightmare of a Lab
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    I went through this with my border collie, a year old now, I'm guessing your dog doesn't get enough exercise, body or mind wise.

    Also if you want her to come to you, you can't scold her if she doesn't come, she will learn to avoid you. Too smart for that. But also, Border Collies look for things to do, so if she has an interest in something potentially fun, her interest will over ride your call, especially if she is getting limited exercise.

    I have a lot of acres for my dog but she still needed me to interact with her almost constantly, she has a non stop motor and was happiest with a physical and mental challenge. If I had to crate a border collie I would make sure it got a workout morning, noon and night, I think you are just asking for vices if the dog is crated too much, especially at 4 months.
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    When I was young, we got a bc mix from the pound. Her favorite "job" was herding 5 year old me EVERYWHERE! She loved becoming a sled dog as a puppy when there was a crazy snowstorm in AL and she pulled our sled to get firewood from the neighbor ("Over the river and through the woods" kind of thing). She loved to run which was terrible any time she managed to escape once we moved to OH and were on a really busy road.

    The point is, they need something to do. Constantly! We taught ours all kinds of tricks and did our own mini agility stuff in the backyard. She wasn't done until she was seriously panting! She was an awesome dog, though, and I'd get another in a heartbeat if we had the time.
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    Quote OP: Flipping her food bowl and WATER bowl in her crate. And carrying it around and flinging it around like a sticky hand on a string. Which I had to clean up. While cleaning it up, she came over, snagged the water bowl by my side which I was going to wash after cleaning the liquid off the floor and RAN off with it, snarling and playing with it.[end quote. ]

    More fun and play, less 'training' less 'no'. She already knows lots of commands but life is not all commands, girls just wanna have fun. She's making her OWN fun. Give her more fun, less on lessons and keep her on leash in open areas until her recall is better. Then you won't be tempted to scold her for doing what she hasn't learned to do yet.
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    I met a woman at a tack swap who had a BC. Off leash, but glued to her owner's side. It was the neatest thing. It was shoulder to shoulder crowded with other dogs running around. Her BC didn't miss a beat. She was looking at dog toys and you could tell her BC wanted one really badly. The woman looks at her dog and says "Wait..." the dog braces and then she says "pick one" and the dog leaps forward pulling a toy off the rack. The dog carried around the toy for the rest of the day, it was so cool.

    Dog training goals
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