The 2017 Barrel Racing Thread - Share your runs!

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    Okie dokie all you can smashers, share your runs from this season here!! I love seeing everyone progress over the season! Also, what are your goals for this season?

    Personally, I want to make it into the 1D somewhat consistently this year, and get a young horse going on the pattern to exhibition by the end of the season!

    Here are my first 3 runs from this Spring so far, they've landed us in the middle/top of the 2D which is great for us both having roughly 8 months off. Just now working on getting some more air into the ol' Squiggers! These runs are all at the same jackpot series, the pattern is monsterous!!!

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    I'm so excited about this thread! Squiggs is looking good! Under 30 seconds--that's pretty spectacular for a big pattern like that!

    I'm getting my new barrel prospect within the next couple of weeks here so my goal is to get him/her trained on the pattern and enter a local race or two. I'm hoping s/he'll be to Squigg's level by October, maybe NFR come December. :p Hahaha I wish, more likely I'll just be getting my horse used to the show environment.

    I don't have any runs yet this year. Maybe I'll come back and post some videos of training I do this summer, though. :)
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