Talk to me about PPID/Cushing's...

Discussion in 'Horse Health' started by DocsLglyBlonde, Jun 11, 2018.

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    Her coat is definitely improving, possibly a combo of the Prascend and new Horsetech supplement. I gave her a good grooming and got lots of fur off of her. She's felt great riding, and is looking shiny, darker, and dapples are coming through again :cheerleader:

    Her edema is gone, she is still pretty heat intolerant but not terrible, and her attitude has been really fantastic. I plan on having her levels retested early September to see where we're at. I also broke down and bought Stud Muffin Slims, and she gets one with her pill stuffed inside each morning, and it's easy for me and a guarantee that she'll get her pill, so has been worth it :) Screenshot_2018-07-21-15-10-02-1.png IMG_20180722_201622_107.jpg
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    Great. Yep, the darker Foxy gets the better he feels too.
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    My 24 year old gelding has had Cushings for 7 years now. He gets a half a mg of Prascend per day and is doing great. I put his half a pill in a piece of an apple or carrot and he never knows it's there. My gelding was on the compounded Pergolide before Prascend came out and has done better with less of a dose on the Prascend.
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