Sweating Legs - How do you do it?

Discussion in 'Horse Health' started by Bella, Oct 7, 2010.

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    We were talking about sweating legs today, and I'm just curious how you guys do it.

    At the race barn we always did sweats with a liniment mixture (I can't remember exactly what was in it). Rub the legs, cotton, saran wrap, and then standing wrap.

    Someone I was talking to today said they use furazone and DMSO, cotton, and wrap. NO saran as it would cause blistering.

    I have never heard of sweating without using saran, as I thought it was essential for actually creating the 'sweat'. Thoughts? Is it just because of that combination of ingredients is too strong?

    How do you guys sweat? Also, when/why, how long, etc?
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    I have always sweat a leg with Furazone then Saran wrap then standing wrap. I have always put the Saran wrap over the Furazone to keep it from getting all over the standing wrap. Also yes I have used DMSO as well, I put the Furazone on first then a little bit of DMSO mixed with more Furazone so I don't blister the leg. My horse had a huge leg in July and I did this he started to get scabby and we thought it was becuase the leg had blistered, come to find out he had a abcess in the leg which cased the skin to come off and it was pretty gross.

    I will only ever leave a sweat on a leg for 12 hours and then really clean the leg off. Most of the time if I need to sweat the leg a couple of times I will do 12 hours on then 12 hours off just a standing wrap then another 12 hours of sweat. This is typically only when needing to bring a lot of swelling in the leg down.

    I have never heard of sweating a leg with out Saran I agree it is essential for creating the "sweat"
    Hope this helps.
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    We use Furazone with saran wrap to sweat.

    Green jelly stuff in the jar and wax paper to cool.

    Both with standing wraps.

    And I agree about the saran wrap.. that's like the key to sweating. It holds everything in!
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    Yeah, I've never sweated a leg with out saran wrap, it's the key.

    Heck, I've had a few racehorses it was a paintbrush and sweats that kept them from falling apart :)
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    I always use a peice of sheet cotton or paper towels over the furacine, then cover that with saran wrap and a quilt and standing bandage. I dont like to put the saran wrap directly on the skin, if things move around in the night it can really tighten and pull, creating further problems.

    DMSO is heat, that is why they dont recommend a DMSO sweat. I typically sweat with Furacin, but have used Bute Cort and Surpass... just depends what I'm sweating the leg for.

    Always remove the sweat after 12 hours, and wash the leg with Castille Soap. I would never sweat a horse more than 2 days in a row as the sweat can take the hair off, leaving you with a skin sore horse.

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