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    Hello all,

    It has been SEVERAL YEARS since I've been here in this forum. I owned a horse named Carlisles Chipper but he passed away a few years ago. This forum helped me identify hind gut cecal acidosis and recommended diet changes which helped a lot.

    I will be getting my 2nd horse very soon, pending PPE. He is a 6 year old OTTB, an easy keeper compared to my previous horse Carlisle. I also now own my own farm and we have our own coastal hay fields that we cut and bale and let the horses graze on (our one boarded horse). We fertilize and do soil testing to ensure proper nutrients, etc.
    My questions have to do with feeding options for my soon to be new horse. Obviously free choice hay 24/7, kept on pasture.
    What about grain? We will be training in eventing. I am unfamiliar with the best kind of grain to feed is these days.
    And then there are supplements. I really am not in the business to buy a bunch of supplements because they sound like they'd do something nice. After perusing through the latest smartpak catalogue and seeing them advertise turmeric as a supplement I'm very skeptical about the efficacy of these supplements considering the dose given in contrast to the size of the horse. Plus given the unregulated and ineffectiveness nature of human supplements, it makes me even more skeptical. So how do *you* figure out the best evidence based supplements to give your horse?
    To me it would seem as though supplements are unnecessary if the horse has good quality hay and appropriate grain rations. But I see the point in wanting to use hoof supplements for good hooves, or substances to get a nice shiny coat, etc.
    On a separate note of hoof supplements, how do you determine the kind of hoof oil to use? I spoke to a well regarded farrier once that didn't really understand the point of painting hooves as he saw them as ineffective. He did mention one kind of dressing to use but I can't remember what it was.

    Care to discuss this with me? Thanks in advance! For reference I am located in the San Antonio area.
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    Good hay and a ration balancer should be all you need.

    I use Purina Equilizer. it has biotin and selenium as well as other vitamins and minerals.

    if you feed the RB by weight then you won't need extra supplements.

    If the horse needs to gain weight, then I use a senior feed. that way i can feed as much as needed without worrying about colic.
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    Nope, don't do hoof dressings. Make sure you have a good farrier and a good diet--that's it.

    Personally, I love Tribute Kalm n Ez. My off the track STB is a fairly easy keeper--he gets about three pounds a day. It is also a fairly inexpensive feed with a low NSC. He had some pretty terrible ulcers off the track and this seems to work best for him.

    I also consider most supplements to be a scam, so there's that too. :)
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