Suggestions for deatangling?

Discussion in 'Horse Grooming' started by ThatHorseGirlAbby, Oct 23, 2018.

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    Don’t use coconut oil if the tail is white :D everything will stick to it! It does make the hair very nice though.

    I use healthy haircare moisturizer on a regular basis, it seems expensive but you dilute it 1:8 with water so a little actually goes a long way and it ends up being cheaper than the alternatives. It is not damaging like silicone based products.
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    I had a white tail with Millie, my mule.
    You have to wash with a little mild shampoo after you get all the tangles out, to remove the excess coconut oil, no matter the color tail.

    I use some Baby shampoo because, what hasn't soaked in after half an hour, has no where to go but all over everything the tail touches.
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    Thank you for this thread. I was wondering about coconut oil myself for using on Henry's tail. I did a deep conditioning with cowboy magic. First time I've ever washed and conditioned his tail. I'll edit this post with a picture!

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    If it´s really knotted, I´d go with a (human) hair detangler that is full of silicone (I am normally not a fan of ´cones but they work best if you want something slick and slippy). I´d also cut out parts that are really dreadlocks...
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    Anything you want to make it really slick. I use whatever human conditioner I have on hand that i decided I did not like to use on me or vegetable oil, coconut oil or baby oil. I'm going to wash it out when I am done anyway so it really doesn't matter as long as it is not harmful to the animal's skin.
    Soak the hair, I use a squirt bottle and water down the conditioner a little, pull it gently apart with your hands and add some os whatever you are using, pull it apart some more, really work in you slickening agent, repeat, repeat, repeat until you have a slimy soggy mass of tangles. I finger pick it apart, very gently if I don't want to pull a bunch of hair out, starting at the bottom and working my way up. It usually come loose faster and faster as I progress up the tail. It takes time and patience. I am lucky my husband enjoys that sort of thing so we can take turns. Be ready to rinse it out, take a break and start again!
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