Souvie new vet and test results so far

Discussion in 'Horse Health' started by Misty H, Sep 29, 2018.

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    My mare was putting absolutely no weight on her heels, because while most shift weight OFF their toes initially, they then shift weight OFF the heels to unload the deep digital flexor tendon. Bruising can happen from broken blood vessels which is associate with laminae death. There is no such thing as sugar pooling in the hooves. Out of control blood sugars secondary to insulin resistance and PPID causes systemic inflammation, laminae become inflamed, blood flow is impaired and vessels damaged, laminae can die, and this lack of internal support along with the forces on the coffin bone are what cause rotation.

    I think we're on the same page.

    Absolutely all horses can have different long term outcomes, but what may look severe symptomatically does not necessarily mean severe structual damage has been done. Of course boots are not the sole solution. It is a multipronged and aggressive approach from all fronts to hopefully have a good outcome, working with vets and farriers who know their stuff and who can collaborate using imaging. My mare had permanent lamellar death based upon her current hoof growth, but she's had no further rotation or sinking - permanent damage does not necessarily mean the horse will continue to have issues. You're right - I hope a vet did not say those words, so I should not think negatively of the professionals when we are hearing a translation from someone else.
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    I'm sure the Vet did say those words.

    Some of them try to minimize, skew, simplify but not commit because they assume the owner would have no idea what they were saying if they used the correct term, AND/OR, they really are just guessing, (probably know from the symptoms, but have no proof ) which is probably the case here because, as far as I remember, and, I could be wrong, no xrays have been taken of the feet.
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    All the vet has to say is high blood sugar damages the hooves, medication will lower blood sugar. And that is the sort of thing they do say, usually after much pausing and deliberating, thinking, 'how can i explain this without causing confusion?'

    I think what was attributed to the vet is more interpretation than what the vet said. Seen that many times.

    Wow... how many times have I seen people not understand their vet. Take their vet's initial observations as a diagnosis, for example. Take a comment as a diagnosis. Take the giving of a specific test as a diagnosis.

    example - 'that's not a stance typical of the early stages of laminitis'

    That's an observation, not a diagnosis. This could mean it's something else, but it could also mean that the first acute stage of laminitis has already occurred, that the laminitis is in all four feet rather than the front feet, or simply that the horse doesn't react to the pain the same way other horses do.

    example - 'the horse's urine test showed high protein.'

    owner's conception is that that is a disease, in and of itself, rather than an observation - boy i better stop feeding protein to my horse. the vet says protein is bad for the horse. And from that point on the owner doesn't take in the rest of what the vet says.

    In fact, 'protein' in feed doesn't cause healthy horses to have kidney disease, instead, it's things like colic, dehydration, diarrhea, or eating something toxic like acorns that damage kidneys. The owner, however, instead of fencing off his huge oak tree in his pasture, changes his feeding routine, the horses eat more acorns, and more of them get sick.
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    I don't think she is coming back to update on Souvie. :(
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    She said she wouldn´t.
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