So you've been accused of being a bad, incompetent, unsafe horse person?

Discussion in 'Horse Chat' started by NaeNae, Jun 7, 2018.

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    Well there's the odd riding without helmet.
    Have ridden inside the horse float while in transit (illegal) with 2 foals having their first trip and a few times with Douce as she was testing the sanity of the driver and walking her home would've been more dangerous. Sitting aboard and grooming, riding Nobby with halter and leads while ponying Douce involving a gate that could only fit one at a time. Sliding off backwards.
    And well these gems...
    Feeding a carrot from my own mouth
    Sitting backwards
    And the headless horse dork, no helmet and no vision.
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    I've done too many stupid things to count lol
    - Took a fresh horse out for a gallop bareback in a halter
    - Rode around the pasture tackless while the herd was ripping around
    - Sliding off my horse's butt
    - Gone running around a cross country course jumping my horse in hand
    - Ridden backwards and "sidesaddle" bareback
    - Laid on his back reading
    - Led my horse with my hoodie around his neck (I do this one pretty often, sue me lol)
    - Ridden bridleless in an open field
    - Riding to and from the pasture without a helmet
    Someone lock me up
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    Sorry folks, all it takes is one time, one time. Later, in articles written for the papers or online there will be quotes from your friends or acquaintances saying that, "well, they did it all the time! I don't know why it was different this one time."

    Ask the family of the woman who was killed by her horse in a weird incident in her horse trailer. Ask the parents of the dead twelve year old about their "dead broke" old horse who never ever put a foot wrong, until he did. Ask the family who will always wonder what happened to their daughter, found dead in her horse's paddock, kicked in the head. Ask the husband about caring 24/7 for his now bedridden, brain damaged wife who for some odd reason was not wearing a helmet that day.

    Sorry to be a Debby Downer in this thread but I've seen too many people impacted by a stupid accident that never should have happened.
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    I agree. I was dragged by my horse. I don't know why I didn't let go but if I didn't have my helmet on still I don't know how it would have turned out. My horse always stood tied like an angel then he got caught and tore an artery. Things just happen.
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    Meh. Everyone dies someday, and even super cautious super careful people get killed. I mean, you could always wear a helmet whenever you handle a horse and take every precaution... And then get killed in a car accident driving home from the barn.

    Live life.
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    Nope, never been accused of this on the title. I think we all do stupid things, but we learn from them. You make a foolish move and get away with it.. good, but know better and don't repeat it. Odds are there for a reason.

    Being careful and safe with a 1,000 lb animal is good sense.
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    I work for a vet clinic, so lunging horses is part of my job. One doctor there will always coil the line before handing it to me. I always run it out and fold it so my hand is not in a loop and make sure there are no knots, etc. It's a habit, automatic. Except the one time I got in a hurry and didn't...

    IMG_1422.JPG IMG_1418.JPG

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    Yes, and then some people who took every single precaution possible and were wearing a helmet died in horse accidents. Some people are super fit and eat healthy and live safe, healthy, active lives and then suddenly die of an aneurysm or in a car crash.

    I don't agree with willfully being dangerous and stupid but most of the things in this thread are calculated risks done with horses you trust, while still being aware of the horse's body language and behavior.

    "All it takes is one time", yes, but someone can lay on a horse bareback 50 times and never be thrown and then be suited up in a protective vest and hard hat, fall badly and break their neck

    There's no guarantees in life, all we can do is be smart and careful but careful doesn't mean never taking calculated risks.
  9. manesntails

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    Calculated risks, to quote @foxtrot in her last post, that's the thing.
    Beginners do not have enough experience or knowledge to sucessfully calculate the risks, and we more experienced people should try not to set bad examples for them.
    Lots of inexperienced people are “Monkey see, Monkey do.“
  10. Suzanneszoo

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    Horseback riding is inherently dangerous.

    If you know enough to accurately judge the risk involved and THEN choose to do what you feel is appropriate, more power to you.

    What have I done that has labelled me as a "bad" horse person?

    Where shall I begin?

    Adopted rescue horses. Multiple times. Worn jeans in my English saddle, and riding tights in my Western saddle. Taught my pony to "give kisses" by touching a target and holding her head still so I can smooch her smoochy sweet nose. Played "catch the tongue" with a horse that like to lick EVERYTHING, and *gasp* didn't get bitten. Ridden in just a halter and lead rope. Stood behind my mare when untangling a massive burr from her tail. Bought tack from Ebay. Sat on the grass while hand grazing my mare. Used my mare's tail as a pull-me-along when going up a steep hill. Wore a new white shirt to the barn. Guesstimated weight when giving wormer. Pulled a trailer with an SUV. Let strangers pet my pony. Let my pony wear her halter with grazing muzzle attached out in the field (and no, the grazing halter is NOT a breakaway halter- HAH!) Not had all my saddles custom fitted to their assigned horse. Bitted up for a bolting problem. Put a standing martingale on my horse to stop her from flipping her head -fixed the issue in less than 2 weeks. Letting my pony load onto the trailer without a lead line attached. Gone for a trail ride while my horse was wearing a fly mask. Hand feed treats. Stop feeding grain in the summer, because darn it, grain is expensive, and the horse was getting fat-and no, I didn't change her over to a ration balancer. Gave table salt instead of expensive electrolyte horse salt, because that's what I had.

    Oddly enough, I've survived and so have my horses.

    Be smart, know your boundaries, and then decide. If nearly 40 years of doing it my way hasn't killed me or my horses yet, I guess we're doing ok.
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