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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Kharmel, Jun 27, 2008.

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    I got this idea from another "small town" thread. What are your funny experiences or stories from living in a small town? I lived in one for 12 years pop. 975 with the closest stop light (and most shopping) 45 miles away.

    I've got a couple,

    I got used to it after awhile but remember how absurd I thought everything was at first.

    I had only lived there for a month or so and went with a new friend to a women's softball game. One of the players broke her leg and I was very surprised as the ambulance pulled up and the out jumped the EMT's who began treating her. I blurted out "hey! those are the garbage men!!" I found out that they performed double duty:eek: Where else but a small town would the garbage men also be the EMT's?

    Another funny thing is reading the local weekly newspaper with stories like this:
    "Marge Friendly had a visitor this weekend. Her nephew Cletus came to visit and helped her with chores." :rolleyes: Must have been a slow news week.
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    :rofl: Sadly that quote is fitting for me.. LOL!
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    OMG! :rofl: That is hilarious xD

    Unfortunately I have no stories... I live in the city :rolleyez: Yeah, no horse property. It stinks. My horse is 45 minutes away. Ugh.
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    I have lived in several small towns. I used to keep my horse on some pasture just out of the city limits. The highway kind of splits the town. My horse was on one side my house in town on the other. My black horse would let herself out of the pasture and come visit my house at night. The police were trying to figure out whose horse was always getting called in at night as loose. When they would try to find her she was no where to be found. I found out about it when I went during the day to go get her to ride and saw some of the neghboring residents in the pasture. I asked why they were there and found out that they walked out in the pasture ( It was wooded with grazing areas) for exercise. Well to end the story we figured that Flicka knew how to lift the latch on the small garden type gate and would let herself out come check on me and return. We created a different way to latch the gate successfully and had no more escapes.
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    this isnt the town I live in but its a good small town story and its true I swear. My wife and I were going camping in a small town in vermont and I was lost. I stopped at a general store. There was an older gentilman sitting on the porch with his feet up on a crate that was turned sideways. I asked him if he could tell me how to get to lake bomazeen (sp) he pointed his foot to the left and said that way. I said thank you then as I was walking away I went back and said I dont want to offend you but that was the laziest thing I ever saw and I said if you can do something lazier I will give you a dollar. He looked at me and siad juts put it in my pocket. I did and it was worth it. When I got back in the car my wife said I dont even want to know

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