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    This year I am planning to do a couple of overnight shows. To keep costs down my plan is to sleep in the horse area of my trailer. I will sweep it out and plan to put down either a tarp or a mat of some kind. I was hoping to get a tent cot, but after measuring the inside of my trailer it won't fit, boo. So now I am looking at using just a cot with sleeping bag. My biggest concern is bugs, particularly mosquitoes. For those who have done something similar before, how did you keep yourself from getting eaten alive? I will have access to electricity and plan to run a fan for increased airflow, but I am not sure if that will be enough to keep bugs off of me too.
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    Perhaps a hammock as a backup idea, but I think a mosquito net is what could benefit you most!
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    2nd the mosquito netting. Nothing worse than bugs biting and buzzing while trying to sleep. Plus remember the safety factor. Keep large flashlight handy, and, as we did, a baseball bat. Park where people can hear you if necessary.

    We never did this in a large city, but nowadays, crime is everywhere. We had to leave the back doors open many times because of the heat. Put netting over the opening. Bought them at an army surplus store.
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    I have a lot of friends that sleep in the tack or horse portion of their trailers and many more that sleep in a tent. I think that as long as the weather is not extremely wet and windy the tent is a much better plan than the horse area. Most tents have screens to keep bugs out and there are some comfortable airbeds, portable closets, portable tent heater, put a rug on the floor, folding chair and hang a battery lantern and you can make a tent really nice place.

    I’ve had a LQ with full kitchen and bath for the last 15 years and absolutely love it. I did the math a found that it was less expensive to buy the LQ than to stay in hotels at eat out if I stayed in the LQ at least 115 nights a year…. Which is only 3-4 shows a year….and its so easy. I store the show tack and cloths in it year around, all I have to do is load the horse and the fridge….although cleaning the poop shoot isn’t my favorite thing…its nice to not have to wander out to the show bathroom or port pot in the middle of the night.

    We have a group that we camp with and those of us with LQ's park on the parameter of then and we put the tents Inside so they are protected a but from the weather, traffic or people who don't belong.
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    I have done both and infinitely preferred the tent. I actually had a canopy and a pop up with an air mattress. I did put down a towel in the horse area of the trailer (no tack room) for changing clothes. I also had a little camping table and stove. I had the whole thing down to an art, and other than not being able to shower, I actually preferred being on grounds.
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