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Discussion in 'Tack & Equipment' started by CautionWetPaint, Feb 9, 2019.

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    I just recently bought a new-to-me show halter and I cleaned it all up just like I do my other tack. It's silver plate, and came out mostly clean. However, there are some parts of the silver that are supposed to be white, and they are most definitely not. They are a stained yellow color. I used toothpaste, and then put a vinegar/baking soda paste on. I normally use this mix, or my jewelry cleaner or NevrDull. I've never had this issue with my other tack with the same type of "white" design. Anyone have any good cleaning ideas for this??? I can try to get pictures tomorrow of the dingy spotted halter and comparison pictures of my headstall. Thank you!
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    I'd use the treated cloths and buff it out. A lot of silver cleaners are extremely abrasive and meant for solid silver pieces, not plated. I found out after cleaning a gorgeous gift I received from my daughter in law that was plated and ruined it. She didn't know either.

    Post some pics too so we can see what's going on please. Thanks-!!
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    It’s probably the metal underneath unfortunately. Anytime I’ve ever seen that discolored yellow the silver plate had come off. So no cleaner will help you.

    I just recently bought a billy royal at a STEAL of a deal because it had some yellowing. I’m going to try a silver plate paste from amazon. It has good reviews. Otherwise there’s a guy in my state that will completely replate the silver for $75 which still makes the halter I bought cheaper than what you’d find in good used condition.

    So depending on what you want to spend I would think those are your best options.
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    I agree with the above, sounds like its the metal showing through. NEVER EVER use anything abrasive on plate..tooth paste and baking soda IMO are way to abrasive, when I used to have silver plated tack I would use microfiber cloths and a very soft toothbrush with a mild soap. What I would recommend is to take off the piece of silver and take it to a jeweller and see if they will replate it for you, my jeweller was very affordable.
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