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    There are lots of things written about fear, anxiety etc. I work with a lot of fearful riders and it's very much a brain game. I have my own anxiety sometimes and it's very much a mental thing. It's about positive vision and training your brain. I like the book, "Riding Fear Free" it goes in depth not only in to the actual brain chemistry but also how to reprogram it.
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    Thanks everyone for your input and advice. I've never really experienced anxiety before, but I suppose it makes sense that's what this could be. Feels weird cause mentally, I feel fine, but it's like my body is reacting on it's own without my brains consent. Definitely a strange feeling lol.

    I haven't been riding for a year, and then had 3 lessons + 1 ride on my mare that I got a few months ago, so I've had a decent break from actual riding. I haven't ridden the mare more simply because the winter has been so bad but have spent time just bonding and doing ground work and other such things.

    Thanks, I'll definitely have to look that up.

    On the ground, I'm 100% ok and can even stand up to a horse that's not well behaved. I've had horses kick at me, try to bite me, run me over, and such when first starting to work/train them and all that on the ground, and it hasn't fazed me. Sure I'm a bit cautious, but you have to be to a certain level not to get yourself or the horse hurt, but I don't experience any of the shaking. Shaking only happens once I think about riding the horse and if there's going to be a follow through action. The thought of riding alone, doesn't do anything, it's only when I'm preparing to go ride or am just about to get up on the horse occasionally.

    When it comes to other horses, it doesn't really seem to happen. I had lessons a few months ago and i never got the shakiness when about to ride them and they were horses I'd never met before.

    It seems to be only when it's a horse I actually own or take care of that I get the shakes before riding, and these are horses I know quite well. Sometimes, on rare occassions, this does happen with other horses, but rarely. It's kind of a hit or miss type of thing as even in the past, I didn't shake every time I was about to get on a horse I was working with, and he'd even bucked me off once, along with me having ridden out several more bucks whenever transitioning to the canter, and he'd also tried to bite me once, and yet I pretty much never shook around him.

    So I'm somewhat at a loss as to what exactly it is that makes me shake before going for a ride, since to me, there doesn't seem to be any real pattern other than at times, it happens for the first time I ride a new horse but that's only a few seconds, and it's gone and doesn't come back.

    I suppose if I really think about it, the only horses I've really had "the shakes" with, was the first mare I ever owned, which I mentioned in my first post how that experience went, and with one other mare that I used in one lesson, but it was only for the first lesson, and now the mare I currently own.

    The thing that these girls have in common, is 1 - they're all mares, 2 - excluding the lesson mare, my first horse and this new mare have similar personality traits. And it's those traits that made my first horse and I not get along and I don't want to feel the same way I did back then with any other horse again.
    So I suppose perhaps, the mare I currently have just might not be the horse for me if her personality and mine just aren't quite meshing together too well and causing me anxiety despite having 0 bad experiences with her. That, or maybe she's the exact horse I need to help me over come this and grow.
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    No worries - and you're right - whatever works: breathing exercises, praying, singing the alphabet :)
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