Season's End - Post Mortem

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    Saturday was the last show in the 16-17 series. It was a packed show as the weather is getting nicer and people are practicing for the "A" shows starting soon.

    Chevy's classes had 20 people in them. It was not his best day, but at least this time he didn't try to bulldoze his way out of the gate so I take it as a huge plus! :rpony: Out of all 7 shows this, the final one, was the one where he didn't place in even one class. It bums me out a little, but I can't let that overshadow the huge successes we had a long the way and how different he is now as opposed to when the series started.

    It was not an easy series for us. We don't have our own arena (YET!) and were at the mercy of others for practice. Chevy imploded when the pigs arrived in January and it took until most recently for him to get his sanity back.

    While everyone dreams of their own Lifetime movie ending, it was not to be for us. Going into this final show we were in 4th place. I won't know what place we ended up in until all scores are totaled and posted (about a week). Ultimately, I am so so proud of both Chevy and Cali. My heart is bursting with happiness over what they were able to achieve along the way. They have both grown, they have both learned new things and they now know each other really well. He truly had the best rider to bring him along. Next season the expectations can be a little higher and I know they can both do a little better. I look forward to the future!!

    On another good note: Cali has been showing her Standardbred in both 3' and 3'3" jumpers and they walked away with series Champion in both divisions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you'd seen Percy at the beginning you wouldn't believe it. That poor horse was SO awkward and clueless. Cali and her coach really worked hard and her titles are well-deserved!!

    Now for the downside: This is the very reason I quit showing years ago. Politics and favoritism in horse shows is just not something I deal with very well. I've been stewing over it all weekend.

    It is my opinion, and I think/hope people would agree with me, that if there is a series, and in the series there are 7 shows, then in order to be considered for a Champion or Reserve Champion of the series you should have to participate in at least half the shows in the series. Other places in the area would say that if there are 7 shows you must participate in at least 5 of them to be eligible for series awards. How can a person win Champion in a 7 show series when they only rode in 3 out of the 7 shows??? Yes, I know.....points. But yanno he$$ with the points!!

    Now....going in, there was the potential for Chevy to come away with Reserve, but he didn't have that kind of a day and so this isn't about me or my horse. This is about the 10yr old girl, Maddison, who busted her hiney through all sorts of crummy winter weather to show up for lessons to better her riding and show up at every single show in the series to give everything her little self had to give. Going into the final show she was in 3rd place. The horse in second place didn't show so that moved Maddie up to Reserve.

    The person that won the series Champion had only been to a total of 3 shows while Maddison was at all 7. I'm sincerely very upset for Maddy!! That child DESERVED IT because she WAS THERE!!
    You just can't be series Champ if you don't ride in at least half of the series!! Division Champ at that particular show - I get it - but not series Champ. I just can't accept that. Sour grapes for sure on this one.

    And to watch friends of the judge, who is well known for her breed preferences, place when their horses did visibly more miserable than some other more deserving horses - shameful. Chevy did his runs early on so there was plenty of time to watch others and see how they were placed.

    In the end, it's about Chevy and his try, Chevy and his ability to overcome some things, Chevy and his increased confidence. It's about the little ranch pony that DID! :)

    To Be Continued in the fall when we start over......
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