Schleese Western Saddles

Discussion in 'Tack & Equipment' started by mooselady, Mar 12, 2019.

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    I read that as "Super DOPE" :rofl: Just did not fit in the image that is Mooselady
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    Just an FYI Easy Fit Western saddles are basically the same as the Schleese. Different tree I think, but all the same....gimmicks/options/ideas/etc.

    Remember largely the reason you like your saddle is b/c of the tree. If you took the tree out, it wouldn’t feel the same - same as if you put a different tree in it, it won’t feel the same. Regardless all the leather pieces have been cut & fit to that specifically tree, so a saddle maker would likely never even agree to attempt to do the above. It would be so much easier to cut new leather & form it over the correct tree for the horse.
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    Being a production saddle, there's no chance I would take it apart and try to build again on the tree.

    The price on those smartpak saddles is absolutely pure insanity. The base price (in US $) on my saddle is 3200. And that's for an entirely handmade saddle, with a good tree, good leather and a seat that one could stand to sit in for much longer than 20 minutes unlike those smartpak saddles. Lord only knows what kind of plastic trees and almost plastic leather they use! Yuck!!!

    Better to spend your time looking to get a saddle custom built, which for a basic saddle (none or very little carving/stamping, basic hardware ect) in Canada I think a base price of maybe $3500 is what you would be looking at, depending on who builds it and what kind of tree you're after
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