Riding a bolting/hot horse in an open space

Discussion in 'Horse Training' started by cavesson, Jan 6, 2019.

  1. lucky_pine

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    May 31, 2005
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    You really need to know your limitations. I am a very experienced rider and can and will handle just about anything. A bolter, I won't touch. It unnerves me, me being unnerved makes the situation worse, so I just don't do it. No shame.

    I would keep her in the arena or just don't ride her. Too many good horses out there to deal with one that does something that makes you really nervous.
  2. slc

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    Feb 19, 2004
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    Sigh. What did I say? I said it pulls them out of the saddle and they're goners.
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  3. CarlisleChipper

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    May 4, 2011
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    Reminds me of that video of the bolting western horse and a girl not wearing a helmet and not trying to stop and ran into a light pole and died. I hate bolting horses. #1 confidence killer, I leased one and it took me years to regain my confidence. He ran me through a mesquite tree and left me in the branches, ran me into the wall at a horse show, etc etc. not even the most experienced trainer was able to fix that horse. Don’t bother with that horse any longer. You don’t have to, it won’t do you any good. Play it safe and keep it fun. Something that makes you stressed and anxious will make you resent riding and then that horse will be the end of your riding all together either because you’re hurt or terrified.

    It has taken me 8 years to get half of my confidence back and now I’m dealing with it with Henry while training him to jump. I am working with an instructor and getting him adjustable and listening. The heat he brings is great for prelim eventing, but he needs to bring it down a notch. Training now. Not fixing later. This is my educational goal for my horse now that I own. This should not be a problem for a student trying to learn on a lesson horse.
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  4. foxtrot

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    Another vote for stop riding that horse, at least in the situations where it bolts.

    And while I am genuinely not the sort of person to suggest someone swap trainers just from a post... if your instructor sees no harm in a horse literally running wild with you unable to control it at all, and just calls the horse "spirited", I'd be looking for a new instructor that cared about my safety.
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    Don't ride that horse in that situation. You're paying for a lesson, not a runaway train and it's not good for her training either. Not your horse to train, not your problem. The trainer needs to give you a suitable horse and give this one to someone who can train her in that situation.

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