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RFD-TV - Horse Programs

Discussion in 'Horse Chat' started by 7HL, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. 7HL

    7HL Senior Member+

    Mar 12, 2004
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    Anybody watch any of these on RFD-TV?

    Clinton Anderson Downunder Horsemanship
    Chris Cox Horsemanship
    Martha Josey
    John Lyons
    Lynn Palm
    Parelli Natural Horsemanship Pat & Linda Parelli
    Monty Roberts
    Dennis Reis Universal Horsemanship
    Richard Shrake
    Richard Winters Horsemanship

    Dressage Unlimited
    Training Mules and Donkeys
    Paso Fino Specials
    Horse Sense
    20X Rodeo High
    HorseCity.com TV

    We all probably watch the ones we follow and have our favorites, what about the one on there that you just can't watch. Because of the personality, the content, or just the plain poor production quality. If you could tell any of the trainers how to improve their show what would you say?
  2. buggywhipp

    buggywhipp Senior Member+

    Apr 6, 2004
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    I alway watch Clinton on Tues. and his 1/2 hour show on Fri. I also always watch Dressage Unlimited on Fri. Those are the main 2 I have my timer set for. LOL!!

    I also do try to catch Lynn Palm, I really like her too. I have also watched HorseCity.com, Chris Cox, Richard Shrake, and Horse Sense.

    I have seen Richard Winters a few times as well as Merideth's Training Mules and Donkeys and Martha Josey. I have watched a few of the other shows too but I can take them or leave them.:)
  3. CowGirlUp1833

    CowGirlUp1833 Senior Member+

    Dec 13, 2004
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    I love Showjumping Unplugged, but its not on much and when it is- its wierd times. :( I don't watch much TV, but I always check 9409 (RFD TV) when I sit down to watch.
  4. 7HL

    7HL Senior Member+

    Mar 12, 2004
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    :idea: Here's a start to the second question that I asked. I watch lot of the horse programs on RFD.

    I try and watch Lynn Palm. The production quality stinks. The editing is terrible and that alone has turned me off from the show. I'm not saying anything bad about her, but it makes it real difficult for me to watch.

    I can't watch all of John Lyons on RFD. I know religion is a very important part of his life and his new wife & marrage also. I'd really like to see more training out of him in his program.

    I like Clinton and Pat, but we could use just a few less commercial breaks in their shows.

    I make a point in watching Chris Cox and Richard Shrake.

    And I try & stay from the horse auctions. :wink:
  5. lotsaspots

    lotsaspots Full Member

    Jan 13, 2005
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    Yes we watch them all, record them and watch them again, sometimes 3 or 4 times. Great shows, all of them. We Need a Horse network, with more horse shows, covering horse events, trainers, equine medicine, (lots more of that), rodeo, show, and dressage events, etc. Would love to see more of those.
  6. BestofPrincess

    BestofPrincess Senior Member

    Jan 25, 2005
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    Training Mules and Donkeys- not a donkey person
    Lynn Palm- soooooo boring
    and one of the programs has alot of inacuret info. in it, one of the general ones.....it might be horsecity.com or horsesense...... i dont remember but there was one about breeding and training that i want to slaughter this one guy..... it was rediculus
    i love the dressage one
  7. Shotgun93

    Shotgun93 Senior Member+

    Aug 26, 2004
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    I pretty much only watch RFD any more.
    I agree with you on Lynn Palm, it's almost hard to watch, it's poorly produced. I really like Clinton and Richard Winters. I am not that into Richard Shrake or Chris Cox, I don't really know why. Same with Dennis Reis, how many times can show round penning a horse? It gets old.

    I like T-touch with Linda Tellington Jones, I think that it's interesting. John Lyons is good and I really like his techinques, but like you said (7HL) I would rather see more horse training then a Sunday School lesson. Parelli is ok, but I would rather read his books then watch him on tv, he just doesn't really seem to do a whole lot in his show. I also like watching Martha Joesy, but she's on so late that I have a hard time staying up. Meridith is really good on Training Mules and Donkeys, it's informative for non-mule people too, but I have actually worked with her in person so I might be biased!

    I really like all the other non-trainer shows, Horsecity.com, 20X (they were here filming a few months ago), Dressage Unlimited...
  8. horseyhooligan

    horseyhooligan Full Member

    Feb 2, 2005
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    When we had satellite, I used to watch it, but for some reason my cable doesn't have it... I used to watch them a little bit, but I really benefitted from one on trailer loading. I forget who did it, but it was a great technique!
  9. spotteddrafter1

    spotteddrafter1 Senior Member

    Dec 28, 2004
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    Completely agree with the Lynn Palm editing....plus the other day she was on (I think) a horse named Rugged Lark....beautiful paint. BUT, he had a white tail and a BLACK tail extension in! :eek:

    I watch JL, but am not all that upset if I miss it.

    I will also watch the Dressage show if it's on, but could do without most of the monotone commentary. I happened to catch it the other day and there was an exhibition of Andalusians or Lipps, about 20 of them, doing movements completely in sync...one of the prettiest things I have ever seen.

    My husband and I always watch 5 minutes or so of the livestock auction just to laugh at how fast that guy talks!
  10. Cool Time 84

    Cool Time 84 Senior Member+

    Nov 23, 2003
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    I pretty much watch everyone of them, because I am up at all hours of the morning.

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