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Discussion in 'Horse Chat' started by Arem, Aug 6, 2018.

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    We have always said no to boarders. A couple of times we took a mare when the foal was being weaned, and once when a stud was castrated. Short term board, several weeks at most. And the stud owner had complete care of her horse, we furnished a stall, a paddock and automatic watered.
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    Oh I understand the feeling tired. I never said anyone was a bad person at all or not fit to own animals. My animals are all at home. They are staring at me as soon as I drive down the driveway. When was the last time I went on a vacation? Don't remember. I have one horse of my own but 10 on the farm. If I didn't make my daughter take on responsibilities, she would probably have 10 more out in the back pasture. Little ole me can only spread so thin. Some of you can't keep your horses at home, and I completely understand that and would never assume you shouldn't own one without a pasture in your backyard. We just have different POVs, and that is OK.
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    In response to the back and forth about having them at home, I could/would never because hubby is afraid of horses and I don't have anyone reliable (who aren't caring for their own herd) who could step in a "be me" should I have an emergency. I also work 1.5 jobs so doing the daily grind for my horse would probably mean I wouldn't have time to ride anymore.
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    I guess my horses really are my therapy. Because even now with them being home, I have emotionally wasted days. I'm fighting a low end depression and have been for years. But anyway I may dread the 2 minute walk to the pasture to give my mare her daily pill, but as soon as I get out there, and they see me, they come running. And what I was dreading as a 5 minute chore becomes at least a half hour or more of just enjoying them.

    It was like that when I had to drive out there twice a day. Some days I really, really did not want to. But when I saw them I got energized and recharged just from seeing them.

    They are work, don't get me wrong. But they are so totally worth it.
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    And that would be a very good thing for me. I’m always going to be busy and tired. On that count, full board is certainly easier. But as the stress in my life increases (and it will because of the what I do and will be doing), something that forces me to go when I’m “too tired” could be a very good thing.
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    This is how I feel. I dread going out in the elements ALL THE TIME. I can't STAND the heat, and this summer has been exceptionally horrible. So I wake up, I feel good, and I go "Uggghhhh, I don't wanna!" And then I go out and see their little faces and enjoy taking care of them even if I do spend the next few hours recovering from horrifying heat. :p

    I mean, I'm sure people who have kids wish they didn't have to do anything some days too. But I have never NOT owned animals in my life and it's just a part of my day. For me, personally, it's not worth having the animal if I can't also oversee their care. I'm a control freak and nobody is ever up to my standards.

    It's totally worth it. (y)
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