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    I've shown there twice. The first year my daughter was showing in the youth classes before me and practice during youth week was way too crowded and too many people running into each other. The following week when I rode the youth were gone so the pens were less crowded and no issues with people running into each other. Same with two years ago no problems with too many people riding. So maybe the crowded part was from people who saw it when it was youth week.

    Lots of my Colorado friends do better at Congress than World is how I have based it. Some of them actually won at Congress, but didn't do well at the Level 1 Championships or any of the Worlds in the exact same classes. Also it seems like the pressure to do well at Youth and Amateur World is bigger than Congress. Select World I don't get that pressure feel, why so many of us didn't want it to move. We liked the laid back atmosphere. Congress is more like that though on a much bigger scale.

    Also, politics seem to be more rampant at Congress. World AQHA runs so they try to make it fair and if judges are far apart on scores they review the run on video. At Congress I have seen quite a few place with mistakes in patterns that were forgiven if they were well known, one time a top rider missed her diagonal, that's supposed to be a DQ in non novice classes, or in one case last year, a BNT's wife.
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