Pecking order problem?

Discussion in 'Horse Training' started by brsand, Jan 12, 2018.

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    So i have a mare. She’s a pintaloosa labradoodle and i want a tan and black boy. Please find me a stud i can get a tan and black boy (no girls) with. My mare is kind of a brown color. Her last baby died and i think she needs a new one.
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    Here's a novel idea. How about we not be super rude and condescending to someone who plainly stated they were new just because they used the wrong terminology (stallion vs gelding). I woyld imagine most of you were raised better and probably wouldn't speak to someone irl with such an attitude. I could probably be any one of your children. Unsubscribing.
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    No, you couldn’t be any one of my children. They were taught to us the Internet with honesty and truthfulness. You were caught out, this people on this forum aren’t as dumb as you think.
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    No, I'd speak directly to your face. I don't think anyone here is rude. If you had one iota of realization that a person new to horses shouldn't be handling stallions, you'd understand.

    Right, I figured they were geldings. Anyway. If you're so butthurt you're quitting, that figures. This isn't the My Pretty Pony forum and you'll probably have a better chance finding like minds in a kids/youth forum or board. Not being anything but truthful.

    Get lessons and stay away from horses till you have them. You're likely to get badly hurt or killed. That is the real truth of the matter.

    Fwiw, trick training no one advocates because it can come with a myriad of side problems caused by the training. It'd be best to not get swayed by Heartland or anything in that genre. Liberty training is intense and really not practical - also not for the neophyte, trick training you can wind up with a basket of issues and best stayed away from.

    Get lessons.
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    You jump up and down, and flap your arms really fast.

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    I would immagine that if someone knew NOT ONE THING about a species of animal, that they would NOT take one and decide that they know SO MUCH about that animal already that they are JUSTLY CAPABLE, with a little written help, of training it.

    You can't train a horse since you do not understand how they think. FIRST, logic tells you, you get YOURSELF trained in how to handle horses, and then, after years of working your way up, starting with old broke horses and working up to younger intact horses, then you LEARN by apprenticing with a trainer, how to train horses.

    Horses are not dogs. You can't go out and handle them as if they were.
    Leave these horses alone. Give back the one you got and go take lessons. Then, in a few years, you will know how to basically deal with a pushy horse.

    If you ignore this advice, your choice, the pushy horse will just get more pushy and one day, kick or charge you. That's how horses are, pecking order. You either KNOW how to train them, or you DO NOT know how to and THEY know you don't know and put you in your place.... kick you, charge you, push into you because THAT is what they do to other horses whom they know are ineffective with them.

    This post is typical of joke posts. Where someone posts all these problems that are definitely ADVANCED HORSEMAN problems and they are total beginners. NObody who gets horses thinks they can TRAIN a horse to do anything but eat. Not if they are NEAR adult and using the logical part of their brain, hence the admonitions to you about trolling the Web for your own amusement. This post reeks of trolling.
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