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    No it's very soothing.

    It's an old farmer remedy.

    When I was in high school I feel asleep at the lake with my feet in the sun. I ended up blistering terribly. I couldn't even wear shoes.

    My grandma told me about the ACV. It was the only thing that helped.
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    Wanna trade?
    We got 10" +/- of snow over night and expecting another 8 to 16 through tomorrow :faint:
    I got sent home from work! They never send the gas trucks home!
    I did see a couple milk trucks still out:applaud:but we already know milk truck drivers are crazy:ROFLMAO:

    Seriously though the acv does work really well :)
    I got a real bad burn a few years ago and would run a cool bath and dump a bunch of acv in and soak in it.
    Don't use it too often if you're on a septic. According to the guy that pumped out my neighbors suddenly full tank the acv will kill off your beneficial bacteria and the, uhh, "stuff" doesn't break down :eek2:

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