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    Dec 27, 2014
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    Hope and Glory. This is the movie that made me think about this subject. I love this movie. It's about WWII through the eyes of a kid, a young boy, in Britain. It's funny, poignant, and I think beautifully portrays much of the conflicting reality of the war - the fear, the tedium, the social change, the lack of commodities, the loneliness of those left behind, to name a few. It's an older movie and the trailers aren't great but this scene captures a lot of what the movie is like.

    Powwow Highway. Another older movie. This one is about a pair of Native American guys who end up on a road trip together. Buddy Red Bow is a disillusioned activist who was part of the American Indian Movement (the group who seized Wounded Knee in the 1970s and initiated an armed standoff that led to some deaths - the movie is not about that incident). Philbert Bono is a seemingly simple guy who finds no difficulty in being Indian in a modern world. It's another movie that is funny, but also touching and inspiring and I love it. My favorite scene is when Philbert buys a pony that he names Protector.

    Okay, your turn. Give us some good movies to discover.
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    Apr 4, 2013
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    Kung Fury

    Husband comes home from work after I’d been home sick watching stuff on Netflix. He asks why I hadn’t rated Kung Fury and I told him it was because I didn’t know if it was a 1 Star or a 5 Star. He didn’t believe that was possible so we sat down and watched it.

    After the movie finished
    Me “So is it a 1 or 5 Star”
    Hubby “I don’t know you probably should leave it blank”

  3. hamerface

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    The Sweet Hereafter. The trailers suck.

    Just watch the film. Go in blind.

    Hope and Glory was great.
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  4. ginster

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    Feb 19, 2012
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    "The Monster calls"
    I stumbled across this when it was cheap to rent on Amazon Prime. It´s the story of a 12 yo boy who is living with his mother, who suffers from cancer. They live somewhere in England, his father lives with his new family in the US. The only other relative is a very strict, forbidding grandmother. He is bullied fiercely in school and deals (understandably) with a lot of angst and Anger, suffers from frequent nightmares (well, only one, but that repeatedly).
    Then, one night, a monster visits the boy. The monster will tell him three stories and then the boy will have to tell his truth.
    LOVED this movie. Not sure if it is one I would want to watch repeatedly since it is hard to take at times.

    "The Fall"
    An injured stuntman tells a story to an equally injured girl while they are both staying at a hospital in LA. The story is a fantastic adventure, a typical hero´s tale. What makes this movie so special is the director Tarsem Singh who has a very unique way of using colour /filters in his movie. It is just so visually opulent.

    "The Grand Budapest Hotel"
    A Wes Anderson movie. You either hate it or love it, there is usually no inbetween with Anderson. I am not a die-hard fan of his but this one I love.
    It is the sotry of the once glorious, now ramshackle "Grand Budapest Hotel", the story is told by a former bellhop and takes the viewer back into the hotel´s glory days at the beginning of the 1930s and into the time of the Third Reich. It is told in five parts, over 4 different time periods. One of the main characters is played by Ralph Fiennes who is in fine (no pun intended) form here.
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    Run Silent, Run Deep.. a WW2 submarine drama.
    Hitari!- John Wayne as an African exotic animal catcher, and the femme photographer he falls for.
    Possibly the best part of the film imo is the "Baby Elephant Stalk" (its funny, not hunting) at the end . Who knew baby elephants were part- or better than- bloodhounds? :LOL:
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  6. mooselady

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    Sep 9, 2012
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    Not sure 12 Angry Men is obscure, more of an old classic, but is is a super film.
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    Feb 4, 2007
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    The Princess Bride, well, not so obscure, but a good popcorn eating movie, lol. Love 12 Angry Men, and am married to a giant John Wayne fan, so probably have seen most.
  8. froglander

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    Jan 26, 2011
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    How about The Fountain or Moon? International Velvet? Sylvester?
  9. equinitis

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    Nov 1, 2011
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    Boondock Saints is a guilty pleasure. I don't usually like entertainment where I am unsure who the good guys and who the bad guys are, graphic violence, very graphic language, etc. But, I like this one.
    It's about a set of brothers, twins from Ireland, who decide to clean up Boston by systematically killing all the bad guys. The end is both horrifying and highly entertaining.

    I'll be looking for some of the movies listed here!
  10. Rhythm 'n Blues

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    @bobo and horses, The Princess Bide is a classic! I walked down the isle to that music and....well Fez is short for Fezzik. <3

    Drop Dead Fred is another classic, but people usually think I’m crazy when I tell them that. It’s just a great movie that I find no one has heard of.....well it’s not new that’s for sure.

    Life As A House - seriously a great freaking moving! I am shocked most people have never even heard of it....I mean common Hayden’s even in it.

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