NOTE: Posting Multiple Items For Sale - Etiquete

Discussion in 'Horse Classifieds' started by Jim_in_PA, May 19, 2013.

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    NOTE: Posting Multiple Items For Sale - Etiquete

    The HGS forum site is happy that we can provide a venue for active members to buy/sell/trade items. It gives a broad audience exposure to folks who have similar interests and needs and helps to recycle many things that have a good useful life remaining back into the community. It is important, however, to remember that this forum area is a resource that needs to be shared in a responsible and courteous way. Therefore, we ask that you follow these guidelines when you have multiple items to sell to insure that the space and pace of the Classifieds forum is used equitably by all participating members:

    • Feel free to post major items in a separate thread for that item and use a thread title that is clear about what you are offering. Examples of items that would fit into this category are horses, saddles, trailers and other items of value
    • When selling just a single item of any type, feel free to post a separate thread for that item and use a thread title that is clear about what you are offering
    • When selling multiple items that are not something that might be considered a "major" offer as mentioned in the first bullet, please do not create separate threads for each item. Group things into a single thread. If you have a large number of items you are selling, feel free to create a small number of multiple grouped item threads. An example of that might be tack in one thread and clothing in another thread

    The reason for this request is simple: The Classifieds forum is a limited resource that has hundreds of active threads going at one time. When one individual posts as many as a dozen threads simultaneously with only one item offered in each, it means that the forum scrolling speed increases and the other individuals posting get less exposure for their threads. It's a matter of fairness. Additionally, it is a forum expectation that one only "bumps" an individual thread one time per day to insure that all posters get a chance for their buy/sell/trade threads to be visible.

    While we understand that listing items signally certainly makes some aspects of buying and selling easier, it's not a workable and fair way to share the Classifieds forum here at HGS.

    Please also understand that the administrators and moderators reserve the right to combine multiple buy/sell/trade threads by any individual forum member into a single thread at any time and without notice if there is a decision that it best serves the forum community. We also will close any Classifieds thread that a poster repeatedly "over bumps" in an attempt to keep their thread(s) on the first page of the Classifieds forum.

    Thank you in advance for both your understanding and your cooperation.

    HGS Moderator Team
    (Who are all unpaid volunteers)
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