Nervous but pushy Mustang - re-starting

Discussion in 'Horse Training' started by Galexious, Jan 13, 2019.

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    Well stated.

    Yes, people vary in opinions as much as one fingerprint to the next. It's impossible to ready them for every thing they will encounter, and much of having a calmer reaction is the temperment they have to start with and established trust between you.

    Training in the way of desensitization (IMO) can also be hugely beneficial for preparing them to the best of your ability.
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    Same, or close. I think it's fine, but gets carried too far trying to expose them to everything. What Galexius is doing isn't too much, but man, some people go to extremes in my opinion.
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    Ladies, ladies. Your advice was not sought. I support the idea that there is no harm in offering some and the OP should expect it. However, when it was not sought in the first place and then subsequently rebuffed, move on. No sense in giving advice to someone who doesn't want it just as there is no sense in speaking advice into an empty room.

    Threads can't be moved to blogs. The structure of a thread is very different than a blog.

    OP, if you don't wish to continue this thread just stop replying and it will eventually quiet down and fade away. You can always start a blog about your journey anytime you like.

    If you do wish to continue updating this thread, feel free. You are not obligated to respond to everyone who comments. Keep in mind that we don't own the threads we make - they become a living, changing discussion and in the future become reference material for others to search. The advice offered that doesn't apply to you may help someone else who finds this thread in a search in the future. :)
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    See, you haven't thought this to the end at all.

    NO, tapping a leg is not asking him to lift it. If you do it to some random horse it is just an irritant. Yes, it's likely that the horse will lift the leg with enough tapping (depending on the sensitivity/stoicism of the horse) because it finds it annoying. It's an aversive reaction.

    Aids for specific behaviour need to be installed by repetition and reward. So if you want the horse to understand "human taps leg x with whip = I'm supposed to lift it, then this needs to be explicitly taught to the horse.

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