my dog ate a plastic bag!!!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by maggieandduke, May 14, 2012.

  1. trish12

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    May 13, 2010
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    my pit ate one of htose things on the under side of meat you get a the store....He had pooped it out the other day... :rolleyes: silly boy.....keep a close eye on him until you see he has past it !!
  2. Sonny Daze

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    May 9, 2012
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    I can relate. My yellow lab ate carpeting when she was little and our black lab has swallowed part of a quilt (you should have seen her poop-you could pick out the pink quilt from anywhere in the yard), Q-tip, wood chips, our vet would get a call from us at least once a month for something she grabbed before we could pick it up off the floor. I am glad your dog is OK.
  3. distancewilltel

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    Jun 21, 2011
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    My cattle dog pup was not one for chewing before swallowing anything. Before I could instill a hard 'drop it' command in her she would grab stuff and before I could say or do anything she would bolt it down. Some of the more memorable items that came out the back end were a whole Murray River Cod head and a whole sheep hoof... Luckily I was able to teach her 'drop it' before she got into something really bad for her. Glad to hear your dog turned out ok.
  4. reicheru

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    Jun 25, 2009
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    I had a lab who did that to me... came out no problem. He always ate first and asked questions later... like that jar of vaseline he ate one time. That said, I had a pit (BF's parents stole him from me) that got into the bathroom trash one day (you may be able to follow where this is going). Well, we brought him over with us to hang out at the BF's parents' house with us. I get a text from the BF while I'm outside about the dog having an issue and how the BF wasn't happy. WELL. Turns out Rumsfeld found himself and snacked on second hand "protection" and the BF noticed (thank god his parents did not) it hanging out of Rum's butt. I about wet myself laughing as I'm getting the play by play details about the issue and how the BF had to remove it.
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  5. Zimalia

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    Years ago, I had a dog that ate a bunch of chicken feed. That in itself wasn't bad, the bad part was it had oyster shell in it which will slice a dog's intestine to shreds. The vet advised feeding a large amount of cooked oatmeal. He said it would bind the oyster shell, and it would pass out on it's own and not hurt the dog. We did, and it did.
    Years later, I had a big Rottie that, of all things, ate a dried milk jug, you know the plastic ones. Where she found it, who knows, but it had dried out in the sun and was very brittle. I fed the oatmeal and the next couple of days, here it came. She was fine.

    It works, it's easy, and safe.
  6. Rhythm 'n Blues

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    Feb 23, 2007
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    Im a firm believer in having fabulous "drop it" & "leave it" commands on a dog. My reasoning is quite funny really.....Friend was doggie sitting my old bosses Golden (she is such an awesome & well behaved dog) they went for a walk & lovely Ron picked up a dirty used "piece of protection"......Ron has had this horrible issue with not dropping things she thinks are treasure! If it's dog food, or something you gave her, she'll drop it, but not these treasures! So there's my poor friend with her hand in her sleeve holding the end, in the middle of the neighborhood, trying every command in the book to get the dog to drop it. Yup Ron had a death grip on it & the only way it came out was with her mouth being pried open - which is no easy feet with this dog!So, that is why a drop it & leave it command is so important! I also urge everyone with a dog who is prone to eating things to keep vasaline one is a good laxative for dogs & they like the taste of it! Just made them a sandwich with it :D

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