Must Take Items to shows?

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    I always take a milk crete to use as a mounting block, a spare halter and leadrope and lots of bailing twine.
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  3. FaeriesFaith

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    Chicago Screws. NEVER leave home without them.

    My very first show ever my bridle lost a screw right at the bit, and it was one of those long as heck, not normally in the replacement screw packages type screw. We were scrambling trying to find it in the grass, I ended up switching to a schooling bridle and leaving the pretty pretty bridle my dad had just gifted me in the trailer.

    String/small things of rope, extra snaps and hooks,

    Water from home-I always keep 2 water jugs filled with water from the farm in the trailer.
    Water buckets/feed tub, hay net

    Toolkit with screw driver/hammer/etc
    Spare key to the truck and padlocks for the trailer,
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    May 15, 2014
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    Yep, ChestersMomma is right. Sand paper to take any of the extra rough surfaces off of the hoof before applying polish.

    I forgot I always bring baling twine and some extra snaps/clips too.
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  5. SparkleDust

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    Hahaha, I thought you were responding to the post above you... "What is the sand paper for?"... I'd never heard of that use for sand paper :crazy:
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    My trainer hands out a list to everyone because she feels if you have something you can check things off of it's less stress so you can have the show experience you want. She's all about making sure you're having fun and not stressed about everything.

    If I were you, I would definitely make a list you can print off and check things off of. I also make sure to bring extra hay and grain if I am doing a weekend show. Never know if your rig breaks down and your horse has to overnight somewhere.
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  7. Kristal H

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    Jan 19, 2016
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    A needle and thread... And a bottle opener for emergencies....make sure you use the needle and thread before operating the bottle opener or you may stab your finger.

    There will be emergencies that don't require a needle and thread, but our group still requires the bottle opener for medicinal purposes post emergency.
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  8. endurgirl

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    Sep 29, 2004
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    A tire aid in case of a blow out, along with a tire iron.
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  9. tlwidener

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    I'm going to start taking a bottle of Chlorhexadine solution to sterilize the stall.

    Buckets. Bucket ties/ holders. Bucket heater (if you're hauling in the winter.) Slow feeder hay net (this lets me sleep in a little on show morning.) Hose. Electric extension cord. Box fan. Twitch.
  10. JKetsche

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    I have such a standard packing method that I have never forgotten anything, but I did find my XC watch batteries dead once and couldn't find my XC vest once (was due for a new one, so I bought it at the show).

    The tray in my trunk always contains several pairs of scissors, a cups of pens/pencils/sharpies, a poncho, baby wipes, a multitool, a pulling comb, snaps and eye hooks, tube syringe, extra spurs, bobby pins, yarn, hairnet, spare gloves, XC watch, feminine products, a stud chain, sunscreen, bug spray, hand sanitiser, and red ribbon (in case the horse is feeling feisty or the warmup is particularly crowded). In a box in my trunk I also keep more scissors (dang, those things wander), duct/electrical/ masking tape and WD40. I also carry a separate hardware box (the Ikea ones are great) with assorted nails and screws and snaps, hammer, spanner, screwdriver with different heads, and pliers. With it are my farrier tools, twitch, and a spare stall guard and a measure of baling twine and a case of zip ties. Oh, and the extension cord. So that's my miscellaneous stuff.

    In my trunk I also have a first aid kit for horse and rider as well as my bottles bin (jars and bottles of things like mineral ice, bute, QuikBraid, Betadine, and witch hazel), my grooming tote with its brushes, hoof picks, fly spray, baby powder, baby oil, etc. My ice boots, open front boots, XC boots, whips, helmet, paddock boots and half chaps also stay in my trunk.

    Then I have a box that contains my team trunk cover and stall guard and two sets of standing wraps. Also in here are my stencils for quarter marks and some spare rags and towels. Bridle hooks and a spare halter are also inside, as is my poultice and brown paper.

    I have a crate with rags, my clippers, and my bucket for tack cleaning. My boot polish is also in there.

    Finally, I have my bucket stack--a feed pan, a few of those soft-sided garden totes (can be used for washing, as stall water buckets, or especially good for icing legs!), regular water and feed pan, and wash bucket, which contains shampoos and conditioners, scrapers, liniment, etc.

    My stepstool has my stud kit and my braiding kit in it (with another hoof pick and another pair of scissors, of course).

    I used to store much of that in my trailer, along with the trashcan in which I kept my spare blankets, the saddle rack, my meter wheel, folding chairs/table, and a hose with nozzle. Oh, and my pitchfork, broom, and manure cart. Tire iron and jack are standard in the trailer.

    So if I pack those boxes, a tub of feed (pre-made with at least two extra meals), hay with net/bag, and then my bag of show pads, my two saddles with girths, my bridles and breast collars, and my garment bag (show clothes, including my talisman and my "white breeches underwear") and tall boots, I am good to go. Oh, and my bike--great for getting around the show grounds quickly or taking another look at the XC course.

    For me, I packed tent, pop-up tent, air mattress with battery pump, sleeping bag, duffel with clothes, and camping gear--head lamp, more wet wipes, etc. I also bring a cooler for food and drinks and one to keep my icepacks for my ice boots cold (with a few more drinks on top).

    I am the girl at the show who has everything and knows where it is, so when someone says "does anyone have spare gloves?" or "I'm out of vet wrap" can say "look in the box with the turquoise lid under the tray in my trunk." I am anal about putting things away correctly and neatly, and if I DO have to toss things in as I jump on for my ride, I organise as soon as I can afterwards. I am usually one of the slowest to leave the show grounds, but it takes me 15 minutes to have everything properly put away at home afterwards, which is nice. None of this "come the day after the show to clean up" nonsense for me! If only I could be that way at home . . . .

    Incidentally, at home I keep a bucket of bits, extra blankets, maybe the odd schooling pad, and a spare set of clothes/extra sweater. Not much else. It almost all comes to the show with me, but in an organised way.
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