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    - what do you do with the horse manure ? Please if you can let me know as not sure what is best to do in this florida climate
    - Bag and have weekly trash take it?
    - Mow/Mulch it?
    - Gather and put in certain spot of yard and.....?
    - other
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    I'm in Fl as qell. Make a pile that is wide and tall. Add lime to thetop once you get a pile about a foot high. I make mine 5'wide and 15' or so long. Add grass clipping if you can get them. Grass clippings add nitrogen and lime neutralizes acidity. Now turn it. Pull it next to itself into another pile so the outsides are in the center and the middle that has broken down is on top. Keep it moist, but not soggy.

    Take your leaves, vacuum them up and chip them in a chipper so they are tiny and you can add those. Later, once it's turned to dirt, scoop it up with your tractor and spread it on the field. Drag it so it distributes evenly.
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    wow this thread is old! I wound up getting the manure spreader and IMHO that is the best thing to do with it as then the sun can kill any parasites. I also have chickens which pick through it. ;)

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