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    If you're in Alberta, Saskatchewan, or BC, and would like a young horse, Bear Valley Rescue has many horses up for adoption, most of which are younger. They are very nice horses, that deserve good homes. I've gotten five from them, and I've fallen for so many others. The prices range from $300 - $1350 (only one horse is priced over $900). Prices reflect the cost of rescuing them, and any health issues that were taken care of, or training that was put on the horses. They have great dispositions, and are looking for homes, so more horses may be rescued. If you would prefer to foster a horse, there are some on the foster page. These horses remain in the ownership of Bear Valley Rescue, but will be in your care. In the case of the older horses that will not leave the rescue, you may virtual foster them. If you would like to know more about any of the horses, I know most of them, as I'm down there all the time to see my foal. You can also contact the rescue.


    Unfortunately the rescue will not adopt horses out to anyone outside AB, BC, or SK.

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