Losing mane by the chunks????

Discussion in 'Horse Grooming' started by born2ride_33, Apr 20, 2007.

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    Lately Dana's mane has been thinning A LOT. If I gently pull on her mane, I get a chunk/fist full of hair that comes out. It's kind of thin and sparse now and its shorter. She has no balding or anything on her actual coat by her mane, it's just the mane that's coming out. Why do you think this might be happening? Could it be that she's itchy because she's shedding out and she's rubbing her head on stuff? (she's never pulled her mane out before) I haven't put ANYTHING in her mane since last August when I gave her bath and used the same shampoo I always do and I never brush it, she's been pretty much untouched all winter. This just started a couple weeks ago. I'm so confused and I'm afraid she's going to pull her entire mane out and have nothing left. :( :no:
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    Does she have any sort of lice or anything near her crest that could be irritating her making her rub her neck which could result in her mane coming out? has she eaten anything new which she could be allergic to? could happen.
    what about trying a turnout/stable hood to stop her rubbing her mane out? or see if there if something there which can be healed and apply cream to it?
    i hope you find the problem and let me know how it goes.
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    im wondering if she has got mange in her mane?? thats the only thing i can think of thats causing the hair to fall out
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    If she was rubbing her mane on fences and stuff, the hair would already be out and the mane would look really patchy. It wouldn't account for the hair coming out when you tug on it.

    Some horses just have very wispy hair and are disposed to lose more. Brushing on a daily basis helps to eliminate the shed hair so that it doesn't acculmulate. Since hers isn't brushed, it could just be acculmulated hair that has naturally come out but has not actually fallen free of the mane yet.

    I had a gelding with the same problem and it was just normal for him. I would be very gentle handling it so that whatever was left over wouldn't break. You could always try roaching the mane so that it grows in healthy again, though I was too chicken to :) or pull it to an even, shorter length which makes it look fuller and gets rid of the damaged longer hairs. Oh, and conditioning does not hurt.

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