Looking for a cowhorse stud

Discussion in 'Stallions' started by Sage513, Feb 24, 2019.

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    If I was shopping for the mare in question with a limited budget, I'd go with a Smart Chic Olena or Soula Jule Star bred stud. They both cross well on the Docs Hickory and the Freckles Playboy. I also think the Smart Chic Olena blood might cool out the Dual Rey a bit.

    In my opinion, I'd be very selective of breeding to reining stud just because I wouldn't want to lose any of the cow. Some reiners still have the cow but I'd keep that in mind shopping in the Reiner category.

    I have heard good things about the offspring of Nic It In The Bud. He also crosses well on daughters of Docs Hickory. I think why some people might shy from him as a stud is the Reminic, which I haven't been a fan of either but I'd try a Nic It In The Bud colt!

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