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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by localmanruins, Feb 14, 2018.

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    Dec 17, 2012
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    Hey guys!

    I recently (as in, two days ago) moved into a new apartment as an emergency. I had a roommate that was really violent. My new place is just me and my cat.

    She’s never lived with just me before. I’ve had her for about ten years and growing up, we had multiple other cats, dogs, birds, etc. And even this past semester, when she’d been living at my old apartment, she had three other humans to love on.

    I’m a lil concerned about her because she seems lonely. My classes are 6 hrs long and I have a job (being an adult is hard!) so I can’t be at home all day. Whenever I do get home, kitten SCREAMS at me for a good 10 minutes before calming down.

    Does anyone have recommendations for bored, lonely cats? I’d prefer to not get a second cat for a lot of reasons - I’m moving to the opposite coast in a few months, I can comfortably afford one but it’ll be a bit tighter with two, I’m going to be living with my parents over the summer and I don’t know if a new cat would get along with my parents’ animals, etc - but I will if she starts getting depressed. Moving in with more roommates is also not an option.

    Any thoughts? Thanks so much!
  2. Ms_Pigeon

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    First, I'm really glad you took steps to remove yourself (and the cat!) from a dangerous situation. :)

    I can only speak to dogs, but perhaps some of the info will carry over? There are several aromatherapy options to help pets deal with separation anxiety. You might try leaving music or a TV on for her while you're gone. This one is probably farthest off, in terms of dog-cat crossover, but we have a few "high value" toys that our dog only gets when we have to leave him alone. It helps create at least some sort of positive association with us leaving and we make sure he only gets them when left alone, to ensure they stay interesting to him.

    Hope any of this helps!
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  3. endurgirl

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    Sep 29, 2004
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    She should get used to the routine. I imagine she sleeps all day anyway, lol. I took my cat with me to two colleges (one apartment, one LQ trailer) and he did fine, he's just said he missed you. :) Mine is now 17ish, comes running when I get home and reows at me too. I'd just supply him with toys, scratch board, mine loves his bed.
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  4. ginster

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    Feb 19, 2012
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    I am glad you and kitty are safe, too.
    The potentially easiest solution is another laid-back kitty.
    I don´t think anything else will help with a lonely cat.
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  5. Dona Worry

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    May 11, 2016
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    Make plenty of time to play with kitty before you leave. Use a laser pointer, kitty wand, feater boa, whatever kitty likes and aim for at least 15 solid minutes of playtime. Then feed with suuuuper yummy wet food just before you leave for the day--like you have your keys and wallet and backpack and shoes and after you put the plate down you walk out the door.

    That will put kitty to sleep for a few solid hours.

    A few high-value toys (chirping balls, catnip mice, jingle balls with feathers) hidden in unlikely places will help too.

    Do you have a window that faces out onto something interesting? If so, make a kitty perch there. You can buy a fancy cat tree, or just secure a couple of warm fuzzy pillows to a table, but it shoyld be high enough that kitty can look down and survey her domain!
  6. CoopersPprScpr

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    Sep 7, 2011
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    Getting another cat would be the LAST option - cats are very territorial and it could make things much worse! I would try @Dona Worry suggestions, or check for ideas on Jackson Galaxy's website.
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  7. bellalou

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    Dec 27, 2014
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    Dogs get stressed when their people change. Cats tend to stress when their environment changes. Her environment has changed in a big way.

    I like Dona's suggestions. I would also suggest offering some special places for her. If you have a sunny window, a cat bed or blanket where she can bask in the sun is nice. Leaving a radio on when you're gone is an option to just provide some sound to break up the silence.

    She will adapt. Cats are very adaptable but they need the time to acclimate. I would not get another cat - that just alters the environment again and at a time when it's already uncertain. Give her lots of love and cuddles when you're there, keep to a routine as much as you can, and that will help relieve her stress.
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  8. manesntails

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    May 21, 2010
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    Go to Pet Smart an adopt one of their older cats who has lived before with other cats. After a little hissing and spitting, they'll cozy up to one another.
    It'll keep your cat occupied while you are gone.
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  9. tlwidener

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    I would try the high value toys and treats. Maybe an interactive feeder? The window seat idea is worth trying.

    I leave NPR on for my horses in the barn. Seems to be a calming influence.

    I wouldn't get another cat.
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  10. CJ

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    All our cats have been in the house alone, or at some time and for some time. My house/ barn cat had a tabby buddy in the apt they were in, who took off when they were moved to the barn, despite being acclimated for a while in the chicken coop.
    I would suggest toys, and catnip, or a combo. Especially if theres a toy the cat will play with you or by itself.
    Get a locker mirror maybe? Thats been done for horses who are suddenly alone.
    Our one cat got into a Bag of catnip. We found him sound asleep in a stirred pile of it.. if he was lonely alone, he Didnt Care at that point.
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