Leather Snaffle Bits for Sale

Discussion in 'Horse Classifieds' started by barrel_racer64, Feb 15, 2010.

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    Thank you! I have sold most of my bits right here on the forum, and haven't advertised much, but either way it is super exciting for me. :) Pics coming below.

    Thanks for sharing a picture! I'm so glad that your happy with the quality! Now, I just can't wait for the darn weather to clear up so everyone can try their bits out. I think Smartee Pants is waiting for decent weather too...

    Here is the one I made for my Etsy order: I had to get some more leather, so the new ones I'm making are more "natural" colored, but are still be the same quality. They will all darken to the same color eventually with use though...:LOL:
    DSCN1046.JPG DSCN1048.JPG
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