Leads and lameness

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    This has gotten me wondering and I think I've confused myself lol.

    But say a horse is lame on the right front leg, when asked to pick up a lope would they be more willing to pick up the right lead or left lead? Like if they're lame on the front right and I want to lope a circle to the left? If that makes sense??
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    Depends on what the lameness is. A lameness may make a horse not want to swing his leg as much, or it may make him not want to put weight on the leg...or flex it, and so on.

    Things to remember might be -

    The leading foreleg has a larger range of motion than the other foreleg

    The reluctance to pick up one lead or kicking out with a hind leg when asked to pick up that lead, could indicate lameness in a hind leg, rather than a front leg.

    Very often, horses do not pick up the lead the rider wants not because of lameness, but because of 1.) rider error 2.) the horse is in an unbalanced position overall and is too strung out to get the correct lead 3.) the horse is very green and does not know what's wanted
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