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    Any "diet" is just that - something unsustainable for most people. Keto is not unhealthy in my opinion as well as based on the current research out there, however I use it as a part of periodization. You can eat a very low carb diet and not be keto, which is what I plan to periodize with. I am planning one day a month of higher carbs to keep hormones in check and condition my body to know how to run off fat while still being able to handle carbs. When I am in the condition I want, I can slowly ramp up carbs until I'm at a modest amount. People do not need more carbs than a keto diet provides, it is just easier to sustain a more lenient very low or low carb diet.

    What a keto diet does do is teach you how to eat. Weight Watchers or anything that takes the accountability out of making food choices is going to result in rebound weight gain because they do not teach you about nutrition. Like I said before though, people need to do what works for them. Maybe keto is is not healthy in your opinion, but for me, when I am limiting carbs I am at my healthiest, so it's what I do. Low fat diets have been loosely linked to progressive diseases of the brain, like Alzheimer's. Again, what is "healthy" for you may be "unhealthy" for me. I'd love some quality evidence supporting the health detriments from eating low carb.
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    *sigh* Eat everything.Small portions. Less caloric intake than calories used =weight loss.
    No,I don't have much longer to live,so I eat anything I want.
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    I am an oddball person who seems to need carbs. If I haven’t eaten much in the way of carbs for a while, I start feeling like crap.

    I think that’s some of what makes so many diets have such a mixed bag of results. You have to learn listen to your body and give it what it needs. (y)
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    Sorry been hectic.

    I am strict to 20grm of carbs max, but I dont count my other macros, so im somewhere between strict and Lazy. I do try and avoid foods containing sugar, but not insanely.

    Those who say its unhealthy, good for you. I have done everything from strict calorie reduction, Gym 5 days a week (and by gym I mean proper PT training, crossfit, etc) and lead an active lifestyle. Nothing worked. We do not eat crap, and nothing helped, and my body had me heavily medicated for pain all the time.

    Switching to keto? I now rarely even take a Voltaren! Prior to Keto, I gave up riding for 3 years to let my body heal, pain only got worse. At this stage they wont operate as I am too young" for a new hip, and to remedy my spine, so my orthopedic surgeon told me to just quite being proud and take the drugs they prescribe (Tramadol, Norflex, and Diflonec Sodium). I was also an absolute emotional mess on anti depressants, anti anxiety meds, and mood stabilisers with no real consistency of functionality.

    Now, I take Voltaren maybe twice a week! From 5 pills a day to an average of 0, I get more done, I am on no mood, depression, or anxiety meds at all, and am only progressing in life, and actually lead a very productive profitable life in a higher stress environment! If I have a cheat day? I am literally "carb ragey" miserable, emotional, and so so so so sore. No thanks. Weight loss has been stalled for a year, but its the multitude of other benefits that I can not ignore.
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    I’m not sure if the info from the Ketosis Cookbook is widely available online, but it has some good info about balancing a keto diet.

    More or less it’s about reducing (or eliminating) saturated fats from your diet. This in & of itself is pretty difficult, but with a book that just gives you the recipes & science behind it, it helps.

    I found this book & I’ve dropped 14 since thanksgiving, so fingers crossed. I hope I’ve helped.
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